Saqqara in the New Kingdom

During the 8th International Congress of Egyptologists in Cairo, on April 2, 2000, a group of Egyptologists actively involved in the study of the Memphite necropolis during the New Kingdom got together for an informal meeting. We were honoured to welcome among us the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Professor Dr. G. A. Gaballa. Those present were:

Jacobus van Dijk
Hisham Elleithy
G. A. Gaballa
Beatrix Gessler-Löhr
So Hasegawa
Hiroyuki Kashiwagi
Jaromir Malek
Dietrich Raue
Maarten J. Raven
Izumi H. Takamiya
Tarek Sayed Tawfik
Koichiro Wada
René van Walsem
Mohammad Mohammad Youssef
Alain Zivie

The following initiatives were discussed and agreed as being potentially useful:

1. Exchange of offprints:

A list of the addresses of members of the group will be prepared and circulated (but not made available on the Internet). In order to speed up exchange of information, members are encouraged to send offprints of their new publications to the other Egyptologists on the list.
Jaromir Malek

2. Prosopography of New-Kingdom Saqqara:

It was agreed that a database (computerized, if possible), containing prosopographical information on New-Kingdom Saqqara (or, possibly, a larger area of the Memphite necropolis) would in the the current state of research be extremely useful and might save a great deal of duplication of effort. The suggestion will be investigated further.
Dietrich Raue, Tarek Sayed Tawfik

3. Plans of New-Kingdom Saqqara:

A need for plans which would systematically record the location of New-Kingdom structures was stressed. Archaeologists working at Saqqara will be approached and the matter discussed.
Beatrix Gessler-Löhr

4. Electronic successor to Memphis Newsletter:

It was agreed that it would be useful to be informed about current projects, the latest results of field work and other research, and have a means of publishing brief contributions quickly. The easiest way of achieving this will be by establishing our presence on the Internet and the project would be a continuation, by other means, of the Memphis Newsletter edited by Jacobus van Dijk.
Jacobus van Dijk, Jaromir Malek

5. Next meeting of the group:

The possibility of holding a meeting of the New-Kingdom Saqqara group in Cairo in the Spring (April-May) of 2001 will be investigated.
G. A. Gaballa, Alain Zivie, Hisham Elleithy.

Other topics briefly discussed were an archive of material for the study of New-Kingdom Saqqara and the question of site museums.

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