Report of the Committee of Management of the Griffith Institute 1999-2000.

The Committee of Management.

A working party consisting of the Chairman (ex officio), the Secretary (ex officio), Professor John Baines, Mr W. V. Davies, Dr Mark Smith and Dr H. Whitehouse, was constituted to consider the main issues concerning the future system of governance of the Griffith Institute.

Professor J. Baines was confirmed as Honorary Editor of Griffith Institute publications (other than the Topographical Bibliography) for a further five years with effect from 1 June, 1999.


Jaromir Malek, who broke off his sabbatical leave in order to expedite the publication of Volume VIII of the Topographical Bibliography, worked on the preparation of the publication until 15 November 1999 when he resumed his sabbatical leave. He returned from his leave on 16 June, 2000.

The Topographical Bibliography.

Parts 1 and 2 of Volume 8 (Objects of Provenance Not Known: Statues), and The Indices, were completed in a camera-ready copy in mid-November 1999, and were published in March 2000.

Dr Diana Magee and Miss Elizabeth Miles continued to work on the analysis of new publications for inclusion in future volumes of the Topographical Bibliography. Work on Part 3 (Stelae, Reliefs and Paintings) of Volume VIII (Objects of Provenance Not Known) began on 16 June. Some 15 per cent of the material to be included in this volume was edited by the end of September 2000.

The Archive.

Work continued on the preparation of the computerized database of Howard Carter's notes and Harry Burton's photographs, made during the excavation of the tomb of Tutankhamun. The first group of objects can now be consulted on 4tut.html.

Acquisitions by the Archive of the Griffith Institute.

Madame Irène Clère has presented some additional papers of her late husband, Professor J. J. Clère.

Loans from the Archive.

A notebook of Sir Flinders Petrie was loaned to the exhibition Coptos. L'Égypte antique aux portes du désert in Lyon, Musée des Beaux-Arts, 3 February - 7 May, 2000.

Several items from the Howard Carter manuscripts (the plans of the Valley of the Kings and of the tomb of Tutankhamun, and three object cards) were loaned to the exhibition Mythos Tutanchamun. Ein Pharao wird populär in Saarbrücken and Hannover, 4 June 2000 - 29 April, 2001.

A. H. Gardiner Scholarships.

Awards for 1999-2000 were made to Mr L. L. Abd El-Hamid (Egyptian Museum and Cairo University), Mr Ahmad El-Khalifa (Library of the Egyptian Museum and Cairo University), Mr Adel Mahmoud (Egyptian Museum), and Mr T. Hulit (Durham University).


A grant of £13,200 was made to the Ashmolean Library, of £500 to the Annual Egyptological Bibliography, and an additional grant of £150 to the postgraduate organisers of the conference on "Current Research in Egyptology".

A studentship of up to £5000 p.a. for a period of three years was offered by the Griffith Institute for a student working in a subject relevant to the purposes of the Griffith Fund.


Topographical Bibliography of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Texts, Statues, Reliefs and Paintings, vol. VIII (Objects of Provenance Not Known), Parts 1 and 2 (Statues) and The Indices, edited by Jaromir Malek, Diana Magee and Elizabeth Miles, appeared in March 2000.

Joan Crowfoot Payne's Catalogue of the Predynastic Egyptian Collection in the Ashmolean Museum, originally published by the Ashmolean Museum in 1993, was reprinted as a Griffith Institute publication in the Summer of 2000.

Distribution of Griffith Institute publications

From February 2000, Griffith Institute publications may be ordered from Oxbow Books Ltd, Oxford.

(February 8, 2001)

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