Report of the Committee of Management of the Griffith Institute 1996-7.


Miss E. Miles and Mrs. S. Hutchison have been regraded from Clerical Grade 3 to 4 with effect from April 1997. Mrs. L. Charlesworth will act as temporary Assistant Secretary during Mrs. S. Hutchison's maternity leave.

Topographical Bibliography.

The text of the first two parts of the new volume (8, Objects of Provenance Not Known: Statues) has been indexed and edited. The indices are planned as a separate fascicle which will eventually cover the whole Topographical Bibliography series.


The number of lists and of scanned images of our Archive material available on the Griffith Institute's website has been substantially increased.


A pamphlet on The Archive of the Griffith Institute, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford 1990-1997, prepared by J. Malek, D. Magee and E. Miles, was published to mark the conference on Travellers in Egypt and the Near East at St Catherine's College in July 1997.


A large group of drawings and sketches by Joseph Bonomi (1796-1878) was presented to our Archive.. Mr T. G. H. James has donated an album of photographs, some by 19th-century "studio photographs". Some papers of D. B. Harden (1901-1995) have been given by his daughter, Mrs. Georgina Boosey. Some additional papers of J. J. Clère have come as a gift from Madame Irène Clère.

The Gardiner Travel Scholarships.

Awards have been made to Mr. Magdi el Ghandur (A re-used mastaba tomb in the South Saqqara necropolis) and Mr. Hisham Mohamed el-Leithy (Comparative study of Egyptian letters to the dead).

Lenman Memorial Fund.

A prize of £50 has been awarded to Ms. Mary Horbury (Somerville College) who gained a First in Egyptology in the Second Public Examination, 1996.


Our website (../Griffith.html) has had 15,000 visits between August 1996 and July 1997.

Other activities.

J. Malek continued to act as President of the International Association of Egyptologists. D.N.E. Magee continued to serve as a member of the Committee of the Egypt Exploration Society.


Grants have been made to the Ashmolean Library, the Annual Egyptological Bibliography, the organizers of the Symposium Oxyrhynchus: a City and its Texts, and to Professor John Baines, Dr. Mark Smith, and Mr. L. Morenz.


Visitors, mostly from abroad, have worked in the Archive or consulted the Topographical Bibliography records on 180 occasions. We have also received several organized groups of students of Egyptology as well as visitors to the Travellers in Egypt and the Near East conference.

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