The Robert de Rustafjaell
(also known as Col. Prince Roman Orbeliani)

This is a working copy of the list of objects in this collection compiled by the Topographical Bibliography at the Griffith Institute. It is based on Catalogue of the Collection of Egyptian Antiquities formed in Egypt by R. de Rustafjaell, Esq., Queen's Gate, S.W. (sale catalogue Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, December 19-21, 1906), Catalogue of the remaining part of the valuable collection of Egyptian antiquities formed by Robert de Rustafjaell, Esq. (Author of "The Light of Egypt.") (sale catalogue of Sotheby, Wilkinson& Hodge, January 20-24, 1913), and the sale catalogue of Anderson Galleries, New York, November 29 to December 1, 1915. Only items normally included in the Topographical Bibliography are listed. The situation is that on 15 August, 2009.

Page 1 [London 1906, Nos. 51 to 84, 1st item] Page 2 [London 1906, Nos. 84, 2nd item to 219] Page 3 [London 1906, Nos. 274 to 411] Page 4 [London 1906, Nos. 411A to not found in catalogue]
Page 5 [London 1913, Nos. 108 to 210] Page 6 [London 1913, Nos. 211 to 599A] Page 7 [London 1913, Nos. 702 to 744] Page 8 [New York 1915, Nos. 132 to 713]

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