Copies of some object cards
in Carter's Notebook TAA i.2.7

Concept & Direction: Jaromir Malek
Transcription:Nicola Harrington
Scanning: Jenni Navratil
Editing: Jaromir Malek and Elizabeth Fleming
Coordination: Elizabeth Fleming

TAA i.2.7.1 = not transcribed

TAA i.2.7.2 = not transcribed

TAA i.2.7.3


No. 37. Snake standard of the 10th nome of Up. Eg. (Aphroditopolis)
(<>, <> and <> = name sign of Aphroditopolis)
Inscribed in yellow paint upon pedestal:-
<>, "the good god, Neb-kheperu-Re', beloved of (the goddess) Seshat, Chieftainess of Heaven" (goddess of writing).
See No. 38. Also tomb of Seti II where it occurs in duplicate.


No. 38. Snake standard of the 10th nome of Up. Eg. (Aphroditopolis).
Same as No. 37, with a very illegible inscription upon pedestal(?) reading:- <>, "The Osiris, Neb-kheperu-Re', beloved of Seshat"
See No. 37. Also tomb of Seti II. where it occurs in duplicate.

TAA i.2.7.4 = not transcribed (275a, 275b)

TAA i.2.7.5 = not transcribed (275c, 275e)

TAA i.2.7.6 = not transcribed (275d, 280a)

TAA i.2.7.7 = not transcribed (281a, 282a)

TAA i.2.7.8 = not transcribed (283a, 283b)

TAA i.2.7.9 = not transcribed (283c, 289a)

TAA i.2.7.10 = not transcribed (289b, 289c)

TAA i.2.7.11 = not transcribed (290a, 291a)

TAA i.2.7.12 = not transcribed (292a, 293a)

TAA i.2.7.13 = not transcribed (294a, 295a)

TAA i.2.7.14 = not transcribed (296a, 296b)

TAA i.2.7.15 = not transcribed (297a, 298a)

TAA i.2.7.16 = not transcribed (299a, 300a)

TAA i.2.7.17 = not transcribed (301a, 302a)

TAA i.2.7.18 = not transcribed (303a, 304a, 304b)

TAA i.2.7.19 = not transcribed (305a)

TAA i.2.7.19 verso

TAA i.2.7.20 = only the last paragraph transcribed (272, 267)

In a letter from Gardiner - re the meaning of the above docket - he says = "the translation 'Jewels(?) of gold for the procession' is, I think, quite legitimate, but "procession made in the bed-chamber' must stand."

TAA i.2.7.21, see the database for 261a and 268

TAA i.2.7.22, see the database for 281a and 300a

TAA i.2.7.23, see the database for 262 and 291a

TAA i.2.7.24 = not transcribed (271b, 271e)

TAA i.2.7.25, see the database for 261

TAA i.2.7.26 = not transcribed (261)

TAA i.2.7.27 = not transcribed (320)

TAA i.2.7.28, see the database for 320

TAA i.2.7.29, see the database for 320a

TAA i.2.7.30, see the database for 331a

TAA i.2.7.30a

13. IX. 28.

My dear Carter,

Here is the translation of your transcription;--

<> "Made by the excellent servant of his Majesty",
<> "who seeks good and finds virtue",
<> "the efficient doer of things for his lord",
<> "doing useful things in the sacred place",
<> "Overseer of the Works in the Place of Eternity",

<> "the King's Scribe",
<> "Overseer of the Treasury",
<> "May3." (MAY3.)

You do not tell me what the object is that the inscription is upon. Is it a stone slab with scene? I think it highly probable that this May3 is the same person who is named in the Tuthmôsis IV graffito (see my note in the last number of the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology, p. 111). Many thanks for sending me the list of Mace's books. I am doing what I can about them.

Yours ever,

Perry E. Newberry

TAA i.2.7.31, see the database for 317a

TAA i.2.7.32 = not transcribed (317a)

TAA i.2.7.33 = not transcribed (317b)

TAA i.2.7.34 = not transcribed (317b)

TAA i.2.7.35, see the database for 317b

TAA i.2.7.36



<> 1
Made by the true servant, beneficial to his lord, the King's scribe, Mîn-Nekht, for his Lord, the Osiris, Lord of the Two Lands, Neb-kheperu-Re, justified.

No. 318 B.=
<> 1
Made by the servant beneficial to his Lord Neb-kheperu-Re, the Overseer of the treasury, Maya

330, J.
<> 2
Made by the King's scribe, the general, Mîn-Nekht, for his Lord, the Osiris, the King Neb-kheperu-Re, justified.

318, C.
Made by the Fanbearer on the right hand of the King, ... Mîn-[Nekht], for his Lord, the Osiris, Neb-kheperu-Re, justified.

330, K.

The Osiris, the King, Neb-kheperu-Re, justified, made by the Servant who makes to live the name of his Lord, the General Mîn-Nekht.

318, A.
<> 4
Made by the servant, beloved of his Lord, the General, Mîn-Nekht, for his Lord, the Osiris, the King Neb-khepru-Re, justified.

Mîn-Nekht is probably the same man who excavated the tomb for King Ay in Wadyein. He is possibly the same man who is mentioned in an unpublished stela at Ekhmîm of that reign, and there are stelae of the same person in the British Museum and also Berlin. For the overseer of the treasury, Maya, see note upon the cenotaph.

TAA i.2.7.37

335 BOW CASE - OBVERSE See photos:- SCENE: King as human headed lion trampling upon foe (top end). <>


Scene:- King as human headed lion trampling upon foe (bottom end).


delete <>



TAA i.2.7.38

335, REVERSE - See photos. SCENE, BOTTOM END, King as human-headed lion trampling upon foe:
behind lion.

over back of lion



Corresponding scene, top end:

over back of lion

behind lion