Accessions of the Archive of the Griffith Institute 2000-2003

A copy of G. Daressy's Recueil de cônes funéraires annotated and augmented by Norman de Garis Davies. (Donation.) [The Griffith Institute also has Norman de Garis Davies's index of funerary cones, presented in 1998-9.]

Some minor additions to the papers of I. E. S. Edwards. (Donation.)

Four photographs taken by anonymous photographers during the excavation of the tomb of Tutankhamun. Griffith Institute photos. 102.51-4. (Donation.) [We already have a number of such photographs and these will be made available in Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation.

An album with watercolour sketches, ink drawings, letters and other material by Amelia Edwards. (Internal transfer.) [The Griffith Institue already has other Amelia Edwards papers, see the list of records.]

Twelve 19th-century photographs of Egypt by Bonfils (B) and Zangaki (Z). They include the following: the Pompey Pillar in Alexandria (B), the pyramids of Khufu and Khephren at Giza (Z), the Great Sphinx with the pyramid of Khufu in the background (Z), the Great Sphinx at Giza (B), the hypostyle hall at Karnak (B), the court of Ramesses II in the Luxor temple (Z), the Colossi of Memnon on the West Bank at Thebes (B), the Edfu temple (Z), Philae (B), boats on the Nile (Z), women fetching water (B) and a market at Bulaq (B). (Purchase.) [We already have a large collection of such photographs, see the Archive.]

Notes on the Hierakonpolis finds by Margaret A. Murray (1863-1963). (Donation.)

Copies of some 710 cards of the Berlin Wörterbuch. They were prepared by Hermann Junker from the Philae photographs of the Photo-Expedition of the German Academy 1908-9 and 1909-10. (Donation.) (We already have a number of Wörterbuch cards in the papers of Sir A. H. Gardiner.)

The papers of Sarah Clackson (1965-2003), mostly on Coptic. (Donation.) [This material will be available for consultation in mid-2004.]

Some 720 photographs of Predynastic objects in Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn NY, from E. J. Baumgartel (1892-1975), accompanied by about 100 pages of notes. (Donation.)

Some non-Egyptological papers of Professor O. R. Gurney (1911-2001). Mostly correspondence and notes on related topics. (Donation.)

The watercolour "Theban landscape with figures and tent", by Howard Carter. (Donation.)

Some 170 lantern slides and Egypt through the stereoscope, consisting of about 100 stereoscopic photographs of Egypt, China, India and Europe. Underwood & Underwood, c.1910. (Donation.)

(January 27, 2005)

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