Accessions of the Griffith Institute Archive
in 2009

Photographs of Egyptian monuments, etc. The photographs used to belong to the late Professor Raphael Giveon (1916-1985) of Tel Aviv University. Presented by Dr Deborah Sweeney. (The two photographs accompanying this note show, it seems, the hole for the attachment of a crown in the head of the Great Sphinx at Giza, and the work on the restoration of the heb-sed kiosk (Chapelle blanche) of Sesostris I at Karnak.)

Another batch of notes, photographs, copies of inscriptions, etc., mostly concerning ancient Egyptian monuments from the Memphite area and now in various museums. Compiled by the late Professor Alan R. Schulman (1930-2000). Presented by Mrs D. S. Schulman. For the material presented to the Griffith Institute's Archive previously, see accessions of the Griffith Institute Archive in 2008.

Drawings and correspondence concerning the creation of the Clarendon Press's (Gardiner's) hieroglyphic font by Norman and Nina de Garis Davies and A. H. Gardiner for use in Gardiner's Egyptian Grammar. Presented by Mr A. Wishart (son of the late D. Wishart).

Copies and notes on the surviving fragments of the New Testament in the Faiyumic dialect of Coptic, by Dr P. E. Kahle (1923-1965). Presented by Professor R. McL. Wilson.

Another batch of notes, photographs, chapters from The negation of the adverb in demotic, etc., by the late Professor Mordechai Gilula (1936-2002). Presented by Mrs. D. Gilula. See also accessions of the Griffith Institute Archive in 2007.

(November 25, 2009)

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