J.J. Clère MSS.


01. Sites.
02. Museums.
03. Private collections.
04. Monuments seen with dealers and in private collections (Les Antiquaires).
05. Material for the prepared Corpus of Sistrophorous Statues.
06. Popular religion.
07. Material for a projected study of sht-htp, "field of offerings".
08. Typescript of Steles funeraires (CG Cairo).
09. Sportive writings.
10. Hymn to Osiris.
11. Votive cloths to Hathor.
12. Early Dynastic Period.
13. Toponyms.
14. Divine Adoratresses.
15. Material for a projected article on the biographical inscription of Senu.
16. The statue of Minmose.
17. Material for a projected catalogue of offering-tables in the Louvre.
18. Material concerning various small projects.
19. Material concerning various aspects of Egyptian grammar.
20. Teaching notes.
21. Documents connected with the IAE, congresses, etc.
22. Various tracings and drawings.
23. Various notes.
24. Various photographs.
25. Correspondence.
26. Impressions.
27. Negatives.
28. Transparencies.

01. Sites.

01.01. Deir el-Medina.

01.01.01. Repertoire onomastique de Deir el-Medineh. Copies (some from photographs) of texts, proof copies, etc. Some photographs and negatives of TT 9.
01.01.02. Copies from Bruyere's Deir el Medineh (1934-1935) and list of contents. List of magazines holding Deir el-Medina material. Copies of material in magazine 6. Inventary of objects. Notes on publication of the tombs. Coloured photographs of TT 216. Various notes and copies of texts of objects in museums.
01.01.03. Copies of fragments in the Cachette Baraize from the Ptolemaic temple enclosure.
01.01.04. Dossiers on Deir el-Medina material in IFAO.
01.01.05. Photographs, some from Bruyère.
01.01.06. Miscellaneous notes, etc.

02. Theban Temples.

01.02.01. Karnak, Temple of Mut. Photographs, draft for article, copies from Hay MSS., copies of texts, plan, negatives, photocopies from publications, reference slips.

01.02.02. Medinet Habu. Chapels of Saite princesses. Plans, copies of texts, photographs, notes. Various fragments, copies of texts, etc.

01.02.03.Decrees. Decree of Amun concerning property of Princess Makare, daughter of Psusennes II. (ii2. 168 (497)). Oracular decree in favour of Esiemkhebi, year 6 of Pinedjem. (ii2. 187 (580)). Inscription of Pinedjem. Plan, photocopy from publication.(ii2.183 (553)). Temples of Khons (decree of Herihor (ii2. 231 (22)), Luxor, Deir el-Bahri. A few notes, copies, photocopies from publications, photographs.

01.02.04. Karnak, temples of Khons, Osiris-hekadjet (ii2.204), Osiris-pameres (ii2.19).

01.03. Asyut.

01.03.01. Copies from Hay MSS.
01.03.02. Tombs III, IV. Photographs and some copies of texts.
01.03.03. Tombs II, v, y, z. Copies of texts, some tracings and sketches.
01.03.04. Tombs III-V. Copies of texts, and miscellaneous notes.
01.03.05. Miscellaneous notes, photocopies from publications, such as Description de l'Egypte, photographs, some correspondence.

01.04. Abydos.

01.04.01. Middle Kingdom offering formulae. Photographs, copies of texts, reference slips, copies from publications, tracings, negatives, etc.

01.05. Tod.

01.05.01. Photocopies from publications.
01.05.02. Dynasty XII texts. Miscellaneous notes, photocopies, correspondence, and roll of negatives.
01.05.03. Dynasty XII texts. Photographs and negatives.

01.06. Various sites.

01.06.01. Theban Tomb 34, Mentuemhet. Plan.
01.06.02. Giza. Notes and sketches on work of Baraize on Great Sphinx.
01.06.03. Deir Rifa. Tomb 1. Nekhtankhu. Copies of texts.
01.06.04. Akhmim. Note on stela Cairo CG 20024.
01.06.05. Nag el-Mashayekh. Photographs of door-jambs, objects, and notes.
01.06.06. Dendera. Photographs. Copy from Mariette's Denderah I, pl. 63, with annotations.
01.06.07. El-Mialla. Photographs of tomb of Ankhtifi (from Vandier). Includes some other photographs, one from Akhmim, others unidentified.
01.06.08. El-Kab. Graffiti from near temple of Amenophis III. Photographs and reference slips.
01.06.09. Edfu. Photograph of outer hypostyle with statue of Horus.
01.06.10. Aswan. Copies of texts made in the tombs of Hekaib and Setka.

02. Museums.

Notes, copies of texts and photographs ofobjects in the following museums:

Aix-en-Provence, Musee Granet
Berlin, Agyptisches Museum
Boulogne-sur-Mer, Musee des Beaux-Arts et d'Archeologie
Brighton, Art Gallery and Museum
Brooklyn, The Brooklyn Museum
Budapest, Szepmuveszeti Muzeum
Cairo, Egyptian Museum
Cleveland, Cleveland Museum of Art
Compiegne, Musee Municipal Antoine Vivenel
Debrecen, Deri Muzeum
Dijon, Musee des Beaux-Arts
Geneva, Musee d'Art et d'Histoire
Grenoble, Musee des Beaux-Arts
London, British Museum
Lyons, Musee des Beaux-Arts
Le Mans, Musee de Tesse
Paris, Louvre
Toledo (Ohio), Museum of Art
Turin, Museo Egizio
Verona, Museo Lapidario Maffeiana
Winchester, Winchester City Museum (by G.B. Deakin)
French provincial museums
Italian museums
Russian museums
USA museums
miscellaneous notes and photographs

03. Private collections.

03.01. Catalogue of the Picard collection.
03.02.Photographs, transparencies and correspondence concerning Jacques Blot collection.
03.03. Various notes and transparencies.

04. Monuments seen with dealers and in private collections ("Les antiquaires").

04.01. Systematic records, arranged chronologically, with descriptions, copies of texts, and photographs, including monuments seen with:

R. Haase
E. Brummer
Mahmoud Mohasseb
Yousef Hassan
Mansour Mahmoud
Kamal Khalid
Toby Moursi
Girgis Gabrial
Mohareb Todros
Ahmed Abdel-Rahim
Selim Hassan
Sayed Molattam
Rizkalla Awad
H. Ismail L. Shaer
Abbas Mohamed Aly El-Araby
Albert Eid
E. Hatoun & Sons
Hamed Abd el-Hamid
Hotel Drouot
Le Veel
Le Corneur et Roudillon
Garde-meuble Pusey
Charles Ratton
R. Jaquerod
Marquise de Chasseloup-Laubat
D. Stathatos
Hotel Rameau
Spink & Son
Hotel des Chevau-Legers
Louis Meier
Brimo de Laroussilhe
A la ReineMargot
Galerie Kamer
M. Hassani Abdel-Galil
Depot de Me. Maurice Rheims
Paul Danot
Albert Husson
Philippe Dodier
H. A. Cahn
Royal-Athena Gallery
Galerie Saqqarah
Galerie Maspero
Mogeret Sier
R. T. Clough
Samuel Mandel
Herzer & Co.
Beurdeley & Cie.
Simone de Monbrison
Gerard Levy
Elie Borowski
J. Schuhmann
Robin Symes
M. Seydoux
Chateau de Val Richer
Marcel Puech
Mohamed Abd El-Rahim El-Chaer & Sons
Simon Ohan Simonian
Kamel Abdallah Hammouda
Galerie Sycomore
Faustus Gallery
Paul Mallon

04.02. Additional photographs, notes and copies of texts.

05. Material for the prepared Corpus of Sistrophorous Statues.

05.01. List of sistrophorous statues, and notes on statue at Chiddingstone Castle.
05.02. Descriptions, copies of texts, and photographs of statues, including:

Paris, Antiquaire "Argiles"
Cairo, Sameda
Madrid 2014
Cairo Temp. No.
JE 29414
JE 36412
JE 36653
JE 36719
JE 36743
JE 37171
JE 37433
JE 38028
JE 39749
JE 41642
JE 43093
JE 44861
JE 44862
JE 46799
JE 49565
JE 52969
JE 53833
JE 54166
JE 65842
JE 66754
JE 67878
JE 68589
JE 71897
JE 86856
JE 87263
JE 89072
CG 463
CG 483
CG 543
CG 568
CG 579
CG 581
CG 584
CG 587
CG 646
CG 728
CG 910
CG 923
CG 924
CG 930
CG 1008
CG 1009
CG 1115
CG 1201
CG 1204
CG 1212
CG 1286
CG 42214
Vienna 64

(Note: some statues of other types are also included.)

05.03. Another set of notes identical or very similar to those in 04.02, mostly xeroxes, but with some additional material.

05.04. Photographs of Brooklyn TL69.284.

05.05. Photograph of British Museum 1225.

05.06. Photographs, some accompanied by notes, of various statues, including

Baltimore WAG 176
Cairo CG 646, 930, and 42220, JE 44861-2
Leipzig 1669
British Museum 513, 1225+1132
New York MMA 24.2.2
Uppsala B.214
Sotheby's 1974 and 1984
Deir el-Bahri (Polish excavations).

05.07. Various notes.

06. Popular religion.

06.01. Notes and copies of texts used in the course taught at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes in 1962-3.
06.02. Notes and photographs concerning ear-stelae and stelae of the blind.
06.03. Notes and photographs concerning jackal-stelae.

07. Material for a projected study of sht-htp, "field of offerings".

07.01.01-07. "Arguments" 1-7.
07.02. Various notes, copies of texts, photographs, etc.
07.03. Various photographs.
07.04. Impression of a detail of Cairo Temp. No.

08. Typescript of Steles funeraires et votives du Moyen Empire (CG 20781-20830) of the Catalogue general des Antiquites egyptiennes du Musee du Caire.

09. Sportive writings.

09.01. Notes and draft for article Jeux d'ecriture dans les Textes des Sarcophages.
09.02. Reference slips.

10. Hymn to Osiris.

10.01. Rio de Janeiro stelae 629, 644. Photographs, copies of texts with comparisons, translation of 629, comments on text, and notes.
10.02. Turin stela 105. Photographs, hand-copy of text, copy of letter to Farina.
10.03. Reference slips.

11. Votive cloths to Hathor.

Photographs, hand copy (de Rustafjaell sale at Sotheby's), etc.

12. Early Dynastic Period.

12.01. Graffito of Wadji (Djet) - Iti in the Wadi Miah. Drafts of article Un graffito du Roi Djet dans le desert arabique (ASAE 38, 85-93).
12.02. Horus Ka. Draft of article prepared for publication, notes from publications, illustrations of name.
12.03. Photograph of stela of Djet (Cairo JE 34992).
12.04. Miscellaneous notes, reference slips, tracings of names, etc.

13. Toponyms.

13.01. Draft of article Examples malinterpretes ou douteux.
13.02. Four photographs of Old-Kingdom estates.
13.03. Various notes.
13.05. Reference slips.

14. Divine Adoratresses.

14.01. Drafts of monograph on Divine Adoratresses, with notes and references.
14.02. Monuments of Divine Adoratresses with photographs and copies of texts.
14.03. Chief Stewards of Divine Adoratresses. Lists, copies of texts, copy of texts from sarcophagus of Ibi in Turin, etc.
14.04. Various notes.

15. Material for a projected article on the biographical inscription of Senu, Overseer of the harim of Queen Arsinoe.

Draft, with notes, photographs and squeezes.

16. The statue of Minmose in Berlin, Agyptisches Museum, 24179.

Notes, with copies of texts and photographs.

17. Material for a projected catalogue of offering-tables in the Louvre.

Notes, copies of texts, and some photographs.

18. Material concerning various small projects.

18.01. The title imy-r whm 'b sw nsmt.
18.02. The "black princesses" at Deir el-Bahri.
18.03. On dd introducing the speech of the deceased.
18.04. "110 Years".
18.05. W3g-festival.
18.06. Ptolemaic temple relief from Abydos.
18.07. Tell el-Gir.
18.08. Edfu stelae of the 2nd Intermediate Period.
18.09. Copies of texts made from various monuments.
18.10. Notes and photographs loosely connected with Hathor and Deir el-Bahri.
18.11. Wigs and headdresses.
18.12. Material concerning the "chauves".

19. Material concerning various aspects of Egyptian grammar.

19.01. The causative.
19.02. The superlative.

19.02.01. Drafts of an article.
19.02.02. Various notes.

19.03. The particles is and n is, with a draft of an article on "allegations mensongeres des autobiographies egyptiennes".

20. Teaching notes.

20.01. Notes taken during P. Lacau's lectures on Egyptian grammar at College de France in 1943-4.
20.02. Lectures on Urk. ii, given at the EPHE in 1962-3.
20.03. Lectures on Graeco-Roman texts given at the EPHE in 1968-9 and 1969-70.
20.04. Lectures on Middle-Egyptian texts given at the EPHE in 1970-1, 1971-2.
20.05. Lectures on Middle-Egyptian texts given at the EPHE in 1974-5, 1975-6.
20.06. Lectures on popular religion given at Brown University in 1960-1 and at the EPHE in 1961-2.

21. Documents connected with the International Association of Egyptologists, International Congresses of Orientalists, etc.

22. Various tracings and drawings.

23. Various notes, with no obvious context.

24. Various photographs, with no obvious context.

This includes a group of photographs showing objects in Chicago, Oriental Institute Museum.

25. Correspondence.

26. Impressions.

27. Negatives.

27.01. A 1-173. Les Antiquaires, Museums, Collections, etc.
B 1-140. Karnak.
C 1-117. Karnak, Divine Adoratresses.

27.02. D 1-98. El-Kab, Kanayis, Aswan, and Thebes, Valley of the Kings.
E 1-224. Thebes, TT 31, 45, 54, 56, 57, 69, 111, 130, 138, 139, 259, and 341.
G 1-47. Asyut, Deir Rifa, el-Hagarsa, and el-Sheikh Said.

27.03. F1-299. Photographs taken from publications.
K Negatives made from transparencies(?). Various monuments,people, buildings,etc.
* no number Document Lourmarin.

27.04.R 1-263. Photographs taken in Egypt 1947-1963, including Thebes, private tombs, Karnak, Ramesseum, Medinet Habu, and objects in museums.
S 1-100. Photographs taken in 1964. Includes objects in museums.

27.05.S 101-75. Photographs taken in 1964 (contd.). Objects in museums.
T 1-400. Photographs taken in 1965-7. Objects in museums.

27.06.T 401-900. Photographs taken in 1967-70. Objects in museums.

27.07.T 901-1000. Photographs taken in 1970. Objects in museums.

27.08 U 401-800. Photographs taken in 1975-83. Objects in museums.

27.09. Some 225 negatives of Bruyere' s Journal de fouilles.

27.10. Photographs of objects in museums and collections, including Chicago, Natural History Museum, Copenhagen, Ny Carlsberg Glypt., British Museum, New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Vatican, and private collns.

27.11. Two catalogues and loose notes, identification lists for negatives.

27.12. Album containing contact prints from negatives.

27.13. Various negatives, photographs,and notes.

27.14. Glass negatives, including sites, objects in situ, objects in museums, and plates from publications.

27.15. Photographs.

28. Transparencies.

21 boxes and two packets containing approx. 500 transparencies, including TT 4; Compiegne + Italie 1967; Berlin; Brooklyn; stelae, statues, etc. in museums; Stockholm; Hannover; Vienna; sistrophorous statues; Moscow; Vente Drouot 1980; Slitine colln.; plates from Borowski, Ladder to Heaven; Turin Museum; Italian museums; Hathor statues; and Voyage Egypte 1964.

For a video based on a film made by J. J. Clère at the 23rd Congress of Orientalists in Cambridge in 1954, see Griffith Institute videos 4.

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