Checklist of transcribed hieratic documents in the archive of the Griffith Institute.

Third edition. (October 10, 1995; revised October 20, 1995, November 18, 1996, October 22, 1997, May 30, 2000)

The sources.
Jaroslav Cerný (1898-1970): papyri.

The transcription can be consulted by clicking on the highlighted reference. These are only a few sample transcriptions; we hope to expand this at a later date.

Jaroslav Cerný (1898-1970): ostraca.
Sir Alan H. Gardiner (1879-1963): papyri.
Sir Alan H. Gardiner (1879-1963): ostraca.
B.G. Gunn (1883-1950).
T.E. Peet (1882-1934).
F.Ll. Griffith (1862-1934).
B. Grdseloff (1915-1950).
J.W.B. Barns (1912-1974) and P.C. Smither (1914-1943).

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