Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation.
Howard Carter's diaries.
The eighth excavation season in the tomb of Tutankhamun. 1929-30.

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Concept and direction: Jaromir Malek
Transcript: Sue Hutchison
Editing: Jaromir Malek and Ana I. Navajas Jimenez

This entry, written in ink in Howard Carter's hand, is on page 59 of a large notebook (32.5 by 21 cm) with a label Egyptian Government on its front cover. It is catalogued in the Griffith Institute Archive as TAA Archive i.2.4.

Season 1929-30

Rough diary continued.

Season 1929-30.

No work was done during this season. Negotiations with the Eg. Gov. with regard to some favourable settlement for the Carnarvon Estate and heirs for work rendered, also with regard to favourable conditions for the completion of the remaining work to be done on behalf of the Eg. Gov., took the greater part of the season - see conditions of concession agreed to with the Eg. Gov. during Spring, 1930.

It was not until late in Sept. (1930) that the Eg. Gov. saw its way to pay over to the Carnvarvon heirs the sum of 35971£E covering the Carnarvon expenses for work rendered commencing from the discovery to the completion of their part of the work in April 1929. The question of recompense for the Met. Mus. Art of N.Y. for the assistance at their own sacrifice given during the whole of the operations has yet to be considered by the Eg. Gov. they taking over the responsibility from us.

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