Tutankhamun Archive (TAA)


Records of the excavation of the tomb of Tutankhamun, KV62, by Howard Carter and others (primary material).

[For plans and maps of the tomb, see Carter MSS I.G.1-5, 7-44F.]

TAA i.1.1-620
Object cards compiled by H. Carter and others.

[TAA i.2. Notebooks]

TAA i.2.1
H. Carter's excavation journal, October 28, 1922 to March 31, 1925.
Also includes Carter's notes on 'Synopsis; the Legend of Osiris; Nomenclature of certain Districts of the Theban Necropolis; Records of Royal Tomb Robberies; The First Theban Kingdom; Protocol of Tut-Ankh-Amen', and press cuttings from The Times 31 May, 1923; 23 July, 1923; 24 July, 1923; 5 January, 1924; 7 January, 1924; 12 February, 1924; 14 February, 1924.

TAA i.2.2
A. C. Mace's journal, November 14, 1923 to February 23, 1924.

TAA i.2.3
H. Carter's excavation journal, September 23, 1925 to May 21, 1926.

TAA i.2.4
H. Carter's excavation journal, May 1926 (note on jackal sighting at Thebes), September 22, 1926 to November 10th, 1930.

[Notebook 5 with 'Notes on Glass', see now Carter MSS.vi.5.5.]

TAA i.2.6
H. Carter's 'Notes upon Objects in the Store room, 1926-7, being parts of chapters 1 and 2, volume iii of The Tomb of Tut-Ankh-Amen; For Lecture - Madrid May, 1928; Notes re the Existence of damp in the tomb.

TAA i.2.7
Carbon copy of object cards of nos. 37, 38 in the Antechamber, of nos. 261-337 in the Treasury, and of nos. 338-420 in the Annexe, with copies of texts.

[Notebook 8 with notes on hieroglyphic inscriptions on objects in P. Lacau, Sarcophages antérieurs au Nouvel Empire, see now Carter MSS. vi.8.]

TAA i.2.9 (two notebooks)
Manuscript of chapters 5 to 6, volume ii of The Tomb of Tut-Ankh-Amen, fourth season, 1925-6.

TAA i.2.10
H. Carter's notes on objects found in the Annexe, interspersed with notes on 'Ancestral objects in Royal Tombs'; 'Breakage of objects'; 'Alabaster and stone vessels'; 'Chairs'; 'Footstools'; 'Archery'; 'Arms and armour'; 'Robes of Dalmatic type'; 'Fire apparatus'. Manuscript of chapters 3, 4, and parts of 5, volume iii of The Tomb of Tut-Ankh-Amen, 'Deterioration and chemical change'.

TAA i.2.11
A. Lucas' notebook on 'Archaeology, Register of samples, and analyses. Tutankhamen and others.'

TAA i.2.12
A. Lucas' notebook on 'Examination of Materials: (a) Tutankhamen. (b) Various.'

TAA i.2.12a
A. Lucas' notes on 'Methods and Treatment used. [Antechamber objects]'; 'Scarlet colour on gold'; 'Objects and Treatment in Burial Chamber and Antechamber'; 'Luxor Season 1925-6. Account and treatment of Coffins and Mummy'; 'Seasons 1926-7, 1927-8. Account and treatment of Coffins (contd.) and objects in Treasury, beginning of Annexe'; 'Season 1928-9. Account and treatment of objects in Annexe'.

TAA i.2.13
Notebook with rough notes on excavation of Tomb of Tutankhamun, seasons 1922-9.

TAA i.2.13a
Group of 11 loose pages, originally inside notebook TAA i.2.13.

TAA i.2.14
Notebook with catalogue of objects sent to Cairo Museum, seasons 1922-9.

TAA i.2.14a
Group of 32 loose pages (initially stapled together) with catalogue of objects arranged by type, originally inside notebook TAA i.2.14.

[Notebooks 15-20, with sketches, mainly autobiographical, evidently intended for a book, given by Miss P. Walker in 1959, see now Carter MSS. vi.2.9-14.]

[TAA i.2.21-3. Appointment diaries.]

TAA i.2.21
H. Carter's appointment diary for 1922 ('Rough diary').

TAA i.2.22
H. Carter's appointment diary for 1923 ('Rough diary').

TAA i.2.23
H. Carter's appointment diary for 1924 ('Rough diary').

[TAA i.3. Notes made and collected by H. Carter on groups of objects (formerly kept in the 'Hanging Folders').]

TAA i.3.1
Boats. Carter notes.
i. Notes on parts of boats, Eastern Mediterranean type.
ii. Extracts from A. Erman, Egyptian Religion, which concern boats.
iii. Egyptian names for various types of boats.

TAA i.3.2
Botanical notes. Letters to Carter from Mr L. A. Boodle of Kew Gardens, May 1932 to October 1933, with Mr Boodle's final report on analyses of the following:

Carter object no.: None
Description: Arrows
Boodle report page 31a

Carter object no.: 369, 426, 429, 470, 527a, 528, 530, 542, 544, 567, 573b
Description: Baskets, contents of
Boodle report page 7

Carter object no.: 364, 371, 451, 518b, 454, 476, 573c, 495
Description: Baskets
Boodle report page 8

Carter object no.: 564
Description: Basket
Boodle report page 10

Carter object no.: 441, 342, 562, 506
Description: Baskets
Boodle report page 11

Carter object no.: 401, 355, 439, 473, 531
Description: Baskets
Boodle report page 12

Carter object no.: 146, 348, 356, 368, 400, 484, 527b, 364, 371, 451, 518b, 454, 476, 573c, 591, 589
Description: Baskets
Boodle report page 14

Carter object no.: 146, 401, 355, 454, 476, 573c
Description: Baskets
Boodle report page 15

Carter object no.: 526, 573f, 616
Description: Baskets
Boodle report page 16

Carter object no.: 348, 356, 368, 400, 484, 527b, 454, 476, 573c
Description: Baskets
Boodle report page 18

Carter object no.: 495
Description: Basket
Boodle report page 21a

Carter object no.: 454, 476, 573c
Description: Baskets
Boodle report page 23

Carter object no.: 205
Description: Bouquet, large funerary
Boodle report page 16

Carter object no.: 315
Description: Box, plain wooden
Boodle report page 9

Carter object no.: None
Description: Bow, composite
Boodle report pages 28, 31

Carter object no.: 332
Description: Chariot wheel
Boodle report pages 28, 33

Carter object no.: 253
Description: First (outermost) coffin [wreath]
Boodle report pages 5, 17, 30

Carter object no.: 254a
Description: Second (middle) coffin [wreath]
Boodle report pages 5, 17

Carter object no.: 255a
Description: Third (innermost) coffin [wreath]
Boodle report pages 20, 21

Carter object no.: 288a
Description: Germinating figure of Osiris
Boodle report page 12

Carter object no.: 277
Description: Model granary
Boodle report pages 6a, 18a, 12, 15, 23, 24

Carter object no.: 367h
Description: Branch of a plant
Boodle report page 22

Carter object no.: 280a, 300a
Description: Statuettes with wreaths
Boodle report page 17

Carter object no.: 299a
Description: Statuette with wreath
Boodle report page 21

Carter object no.: 207
Description: First (outermost) shrine
Boodle report pages 29, 32

Carter object no.: 237
Description: Second shrine
Boodle report pages 32, 34

Carter object no.: 239
Description: Fourth (innermost) shrine
Boodle report pages 29, 34

Carter object no.: None
Description: Stick, walking
Boodle report pages 28, 34

Carter object no.: 146
Description: Seeds
Boodle report page 4

Carter object no.: 614k
Description: Vessel
Boodle report page 3

Carter object no.: 614a
Description: Vessel
Boodle report page 6

Carter object no.: 614f
Description: Vessel
Boodle report pages 15, 23

Carter object no.: 614h
Description: Vessel
Boodle report page 16a

Carter object no.: 614c, d
Description: Vessels
Boodle report page 19

Carter object no.: 614b
Description: Vessel
Boodle report page 26

Carter object no.: 614e
Description: Vessel
Boodle report page 27

TAA i.3.3
Bow case. Carter notes.
List of the animals depicted on the case, with colouring of the same.

TAA i.3.4
Calcite. Letter, 12th March 1923 to Lucas from Dr. W. F. Hume, Geological Survey of Egypt, on specimens of calcite from the tomb sent by Lucas.

TAA i.3.5
Canopic equipment. Eight typed pages and two scale drawings.

TAA i.3.6
Caskets. Notes on caskets 21 and 540 (lid 551) by Mrs. Nina de Garis Davies. Made in January and February 1951 when she visited Cairo to make paintings of these caskets.

TAA i.3.7
Chairs. Chair 351. Three typed pages with description.

TAA i.3.8
Chariots. Carter notes. Voluminous material, including drawings, construction, harness, comparisons with drawings of chariots, etc. Unpublished, and obviously intended by Carter for the final publication of the tomb.

TAA i.3.9
Chemistry. Report by H. J. Plenderleith on
i. The pigments contained in the palettes from the toy chest found in the Annexe.
ii. The paint used on the Burial chamber walls.
iii. The metal tongues from the second shrine.
iv. Thickness of gold on shrines (see also under gesso).
v. On animal skin found with gesso. Plenderleith suggests this is to provide a resilient cushion beneath gold for tooling.
Lecture by H. Bunker on 'Scientific Aspects of Tomb' in 1926.

TAA i.3.10
Coffins. Weight of 255, gold Third (innermost) coffin, melting values, etc.

TAA i.3.11
Collars. Short description of collars 256o and 256bb(2).

TAA i.3.12
Statuettes of gods found in the Treasury. Statuettes of the king. Statuettes of standards.
i. Photograph of tomb painting showing figures similar to those found in the tomb. (No. of tomb not marked.
ii. Note on the 'Ennead'.
iii. List of the statuettes of divinities from the tomb.
iv. List of the statuettes of the King which portray him as the legendary Horus.
v. List of (?)standards.

TAA i.3.13
i. Letter from Dr. Alexander Scott, December 1930, to Carter, on animal tissue with gesso under gold on shrine. See also Chemistry folder (TAA i.3.9).
ii. Photograph showing hair follicles, sent with above letter.
iii. Note on card by Lucas on analysis of gesso and also mentioning layer of "course woven fabric" found under gesso.
iv. Note made by Carter on components of gypsum, whiting and chalk.

TAA i.3.14

1. Carter notes. Eight pages on rose coloured gold from Tomb, including:
(i) Copy of Lucas' account in Carter, The Tomb of Tut-Ankh-Amen ii, 172 ff.
(ii) Copy of Dr. Scott's notes on this rose gold.
(iii) Copy of the jewellers J. R. Ogden's analysis of one sequin.
(iv) Carter's summing up of evidence.

2. Letters from Dr. Scott, May, June, and August 1933, about Tomb gold.
Letters from the jewellers J. R. Ogden concerning gold, with their analysis.
Letter from W. F. Hume, December 1930, on his publication of gold in ancient Egypt.
Copy of letter from Carter to Hume, May 1933, on rose gold.
Letter from Lucas to Carter, November 1933, on rose gold.
Cutting from Illustrated London News, April 1934, with articles by E. T. Lewis and W. T. Blackband on Rediscovery of the lost Etruscan art of granulation.

TAA i.3.15
Headdress. Cutting from Illustrated London News, February 1934. Article with photographs of ancient Egyptian circlets and copies of wigs, reproduced from The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin.

TAA i.3.16
Magical figures. Carter object nos. 257-60.
Carter's notes on the four magical figures in niches in the Burial Chamber, with copies of the inscriptions upon each of them.

TAA i.3.17
Materials. Offprint of article by Lucas, Ancient Egyptian materials and industries about 1300 B. C. from The Analyst (1933).

TAA i.3.18
i. Carter's notes on disposition of objects on mummy.
ii. Carter's squared drawings of figure (only) used in mounted frames which show the various jewels in position on the mummy. Probably original drawing which he traced for the framed diagrams.
iii. Squared drawing of mummy, probably the basis for above drawing.

[TAA i.3.19, see now Carter MSS. I.J.389.]

[TAA i.3.20, see now Carter MSS. I.J.388.]

TAA i.3.21
Pall and its support. Three typed pages of report by Carter on the construction of the pall struts and on the pall itself, on the attempts made to preserve it, and on its destruction due to negligence on the part of the Egyptian Government authorities.

TAA i.3.22
Seal impressions.
i. Letters from Breasted to Carter, 1923, on an article in Harpers Magazine, and Tutankhamun seal impressions.
ii. Breasted's short report on the eight types of seal impression found in the Tomb.
iii, iv. Two folders marked 'Seals A-H' and 'Seals I-S', containing Carter's report, with finished pencil drawings of each type of seal impression. Unpublished.
v. One page of notes by A. C. Mace.

TAA i.3.23
Four sepulchral shrines. General.
Folders (1) and (2):
(1) Carter's report. Unpublished.
(2) Several typed notes by Carter. Cancelled.
Base measurements of shrines after their re-erection in Cairo.
Copies of Egyptian words for shrines and their meanings.

TAA i.3.24
First (outermost) shrine (207).
i. Carter's report. Unpublished.
ii. Carter's drawing showing construction.
iii. Photographs taken in Cairo Museum by Burton.

TAA i.3.25
Second shrine (237).
i. Carter's report on shrine with measurements, wood, construction, sealings, 'guide' marks, and note on cartouches which have been changed, possibly from those of Smenkhkare. Unpublished.
ii. Carter's drawing showing construction.
iii. Photographs taken in Cairo Museum by Burton.

TAA i.3.26
Third shrine (238).
i. Carter's report on the shrine, its construction, measurements, copies of 'guide' marks, note on seal impressions, drawing of roof and cornice showing tongues for attachment. Unpublished.
ii. Carter's drawing showing construction.
iii. Photographs taken in Cairo Museum by Burton.

TAA i.3.27
Fourth (innermost) shrine (239).
i. Carter's report. Cancelled.
ii. Four drawings showing construction.
iii. Photographs taken in Cairo Museum by Burton.
iv. Transcription of texts.

TAA i.3.28
Objects found between sarcophagus and shrines
i. Carter's unpublished report on objects nos. 242 (fan), 250 (djad emblem), 249 and 251 (bundles of reeds), 245 (flabellum), 244, 246, 243 (two long bows and ten arrows) and 241, 247, 248 (another two long bows and ten arrows).
ii. Burton photographs of fans (242, 245), longbows (244, 246), arrows (243) and djad pillar (250).

TAA i.3.29
Shawabti figures.
i. Note on purpose of shawabtis by Carter.
ii. Carter's notes on shawabtis from the Tomb grouped according to type, with number, material, and chamber in which they were found. Unpublished.

TAA i.3.30
i. Note by Carter on scarves from the Tomb, suggesting that they are the forerunners of the Eucharistic vestment called the maniple.
ii. Copy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, 1932, containing an article by Winlock on Sem-priests' costumes.

TAA i.3.31
Tomb and tomb plan.
Twelve typewritten pages by Carter on type of Tutankhamun's tomb. Comparisons with other royal tombs and notes on the light thrown on tomb plans by the Turin papyrus, with the names for the various parts. Suggestion as to the identity of the architect of Tutankhamun's tomb. Unpublished.

TAA i.3.32
Cutting from The Listener, 19th December 1946, with article on the recording of the Tutankhamun trumpets.

TAA i.3.33
Four pages of notes by Carter on various types of offensive and defensive weapons, their form and use. Unpublished.

Seventeen drawings of objects found on mummy in situ made by H. Carter.

TAA.i.5.1-2024, i-xcvi [incomplete series]
Large glass plate negatives made by Harry Burton during the excavation of the tomb.

Small glass plate negatives, most probably made in the Ashmolean Museum photographic studio from photographs supplied by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, after exchange of images in the 1950s.

TAA i.6.1-10
Ten albums belonging to Carter, containing original prints made by Harry Burton.
Albums of photographs of Tutankhamun's tomb, formerly belonging to H. Carter and given to the Griffith Institute by Miss Phyllis Walker in 1959.

TAA i.7
Original set of prints. Some may have been made by Harry Burton, the rest were made in the Ashmolean Museum photographic studio.

TAA i.8
Lantern slides made from Burton's images. Used by Carter for lectures.

TAA i.9 [Formerly part of Carter MSS vi.7]
Various notes.
i. General note on tomb robbery.
ii. Jewellery. References to pectoral (261 P.2), docket from box (267), etc.
iii. Three pages of handwritten notes on 'The last and final season's work in the Tomb of Tutankhamun', including references to sarcophagus, shrines, etc.
iv. A note on the contents of rooms and disturbance by robbers.
v. Two handwritten notes concerning tomb plan development in the New Kingdom.

TAA i.10 [Formerly part of Carter MSS vi.7]
Two pages of Lucas's notes on 'Materials Employed' during season 1926-7.

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