List of Tutankhamun records.

Tutankhamun Archive (TAA)

TAA iii

Secondary material, including modern copies

TAA iii.1.1-620
Typed copies of the original object cards (TAA i.1.1-620) compiled by H. Carter and the excavation team.

TAA iii.2
Harry Burton photographs. Cut up and mounted onto file cards. Probably intended for Penelope Fox's book.

TAA iii.3
35mm transparencies made of the drawings on the object cards (TAA i.1.1-620). Photographs made from these transparencies were then cut up and glued onto the duplicate set of object cards to complete information (TAA iii.1.1-620).

TAA iii.4
Set of modern negatives made from the original Burton large glass plate negatives (TAA i.5) and the set of small glass plate negatives of Burton's photographs (TAA i.5A) after their conservation.

TAA iii.5
Set of modern photographs made from the set of small glass plate negatives of Burton's photographs (TAA i.5A) after they were conserved.

TAA iii.6
Set of modern prints made from the original Burton large glass plate negatives (TAA i.5) before they were conserved.

TAA iii.7
Four plates re-photographed from Carter and Mace, The Tomb of Tut-Ankh-Amen.

TAA iii.8
Second proof of plates from Desroches Noblecourt, Tutankhamen.

TAA iii.9
Two prints with drawings of harness (from TAA i.3.8). Print of drawing from object card 333 showing 'portions of the linen housings of the chariot horses' (from TAA i.1.333). Print with drawing of second shrine (237) with detail of construction of shrine (from TAA i.3.25).

TAA iii.10
Newspaper cuttings with articles relating to the Tomb of Tutankhamun. Including cuttings given by Colonel Moss (originally catalogued as Carter MSS vi.7).

TAA iii.11 These transparencies may be borrowed.
35mm black and white transparencies made from some of the Burton photographs. Presented by J. Malek.

TAA iii.12 These transparencies may be borrowed.
35mm colour transparencies of some objects from the Tomb. Probably made from plates in Desroches Noblecourt, Tutankhamen, and H. Carter, The Tomb of Tut.Ankh.Amen. Presented by Dr P. R. S. Moorey in 2002.

TAA iii.13
Photographs collected by J. Cerný for the preparation of Hieratic Texts from the Tomb of Tutankhamun.

TAA iii.14
Photocopy of P. E. Newberry's copy of The tomb of Tut-ankh-amen: Statement with documents, as to the events which occurred in Egypt in the Winter of 1923-24 leading to the ultimate break with the Egyptian Government. Published for private circulation only by Cassell and Company, London, etc. 1924. (For original of this see TAA ii.20.)

TAA iii.15
Annotated photocopies made from a folder marked 'Friends and Colleagues' from among the papers of J. H. Breasted, in Chicago, Oriental Institute. Including photographs showing 'Carter appears not young'; transportation of objects from the Tutankhamun's Tomb to the railway; 'probably John Hartmen (Austrian photographer) working in Cairo Museum', Breasted and Gardiner working in the Cairo Museum, etc. Photocopies supplied by Mr John Larson in August 1991.

TAA iii.16
Reference set of Burton photographs. In albums kept in the Secretary's office in the Griffith Institute office.

TAA iii.17
Set of CD-ROMs with digitized images of original object cards, Burton photographs, notebooks and notes made by H. Carter et al.

TAA iii.18 [Formerly Carter MSS. vi.6.]
Review of Carter, The Tomb of Tut.ankh.Amen ii by Warren R. Dawson in The Asiatic Review (Oct. 1927), 657-72.

TAA iii.19
Slide box containing seven lantern slides made from Harry Burton's photographs. Marked as belonging to Penelope Fox.

TAA iii.20
Fourteen boxes of modern prints made from Harry Burton's negatives. The set is not complete.

TAA iii.21
Three pages from an unidentified newspaper or magazine. Possibly from the Illustrated London News. Pages numbered 405-8, 413-14. No date. Figures show objects from the Antechamber, and general views of the temples at Abu Simbel and Deir el-Bahri.

TAA iii.22
CD containing photographs taken during the opening ceremony of the visitor's centre at Castle Carter II in November 2009. Includes views of Castle Carter and displays using facsimiles of TAA Archive material.

TAA iii.23
Photocopies of family papers relating to the donation of Howard Carter's papers to Oxford University.

TAA iii.24
Copy of the Evening Standard Souvenir, 3 June 1972, 'Tutankhamun'.

TAA iii.25
1. Three cigarette cards issued by Churchman's Cigarettes from the set entitled: 'Treasure Trove: A Series of 50' (1937) (nos. 26-8).
2. Two cigarette cards issued by Wills's Cigarettes from the set entitled: 'Wonders of the Past: A Series of 50' (1926) (nos. 11-12).

TAA iii.26
'Discovering TutAnkhAmun' exhibition display materials from the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford (labels, banners, set of exhibition gallery guides, etc.), ephemera relating to the exhibition and selection of merchandising products.

TAA iii.27
'Discovering TutAnkhAmun in 3D: Stereoscopic Installation Photographs of the Ashmolean Exhibition, 24 July - 2 November, 2014' by Jenni Navratil (3 sets of stereoscopic images of the exhibition + some extra images & CD with all digital files).

TAA iii.28
Poster of the Semmel Concerts' exhibition 'Tutankhamun: His Tomb and His Treasures', Manchester, Museum of Museums / The Trafford Centre, 22 October 2010 - 27 February 2011 (3 copies).

TAA iii.29
Tutankhamun's painted box: Reproduced in colour from the original in the Cairo Museum, by Nina M. Davies and with explanatory text by Alan H. Gardiner, Oxford: Griffith Institute, 1962 (complete set in original wooden box and group of duplicates of plates).

TAA iii.30
Daltons Weekly London Underground advertisement (1970s): 'Yes, it is odd living in the tomb of Tutenkhamen... but we thought the agent said a room in Tooting Common...'

TAA iii.31
Photographic prints:
1. 'The canopic chest of alabaster, Tutankhamen's tomb' (Burton photograph p1153), Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.
2. 'The canopic chest opened, showing portrait busts of Tutankhamen' (Burton photograph p1158), Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.
3. 'Thebes - Tut Ankh Amen's tomb in the Valley of the Kings', Lehnert & Landrock, Cairo, no. 1740.

TAA iii.32
Newspaper and magazine cuttings, mainly from the contemporary press, including The New York Times and The Illustrated London News, related to the finding and excavation of the tomb of Tutankhamun.

TAA iii.33
Set of brass printing plates from the production of Penelope Fox, Tutankhamun's Treasure (London: Oxford University Press, 1951).

TAA iii.34
'Tutoom - Journey to the treasures of the Pharaoh' board-game, 1923.

TAA iii.35
Copy of The Times, 28 March 1972, p. i-iv, 'Tutankhamun'.

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