Prints of Harry Burton's photographs taken in the tomb of Tutankhamun for sale

This is a unique opportunity to acquire prints of photographs taken by Harry Burton during the excavation of the tomb of Tutankhamun. The tomb was discovered by Howard Carter in the Valley of the Kings in November 1922 and the work on its clearance, the recording of its contents and the removal of objects to the Cairo Museum was completed in 1932. Harry Burton was the only photographer who was allowed to take photographs inside the tomb and in tomb KV 15, of Sethos II, which was used as the expedition's workroom.

The limited number of photographs (only a few for each image) which are being offered for sale have been traditionally printed from Harry Burton's original glass negatives (not from scans) kept in the Archive of the Griffith Institute. They are black&white glossy contact prints, of the same size as the negatives, and have been made in the photographic studio of the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford sometime during the past sixty years. There are no plans to print more of them in the future, so this opportunity is unlikely to occur again.

For larger images and descriptions see Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation database (please bear in mind that not all images included in this complete database are available for purchase).

Price: £30 for one 10 by 8 in. (25 by 20 cm) photograph (+ VAT if applicable; discounts and free postage on large orders). If you wish to purchase any of these photographs, please email The Griffith Institute retains the copyright of these images and they cannot be reproduced in publications without permission from the Griffith Institute. Please see reproduction charges.

Gallery of photographs which are being offered for sale.
Before placing an order, please check the list of prints currently available.

(October 2020)

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