R.O. Faulkner, Concise Dictionary of Middle Egyptian.
348 pp; 24.5 x 17 cm; ISBN 0 900416 32 7; 1962, reprinted 1996; cloth. £17.50.

This dictionary, containing 5400 carefully selected words frequently encountered in Middle Egyptian texts, has achieved wide popularity among students starting to learn Egyptian as well as among advanced scholars. The former find this compact publication very easy to use and fully satisfying their needs, while the latter consult it for its references to texts and articles published after the appearance of the large Berlin Worterbuch.

Each entry consists of the most common hieroglyphic form of the word, accompanied by its transliteration, translation, references to texts where it occurs, its less usual hieroglyphic variants, and phrases in which it is used.

The book was autographed by Dr. Faulkner himself in his clear and elegant hieroglyphic hand. The seven pages of Addenda and Corrigenda included in the reprint are also available separately for use with earlier editions of the Dictionary.

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