Anselin, Alain

Cahiers Caribens d'Egyptologie : G.E.R.E.C. Informatique et Linguistique, Universit des Antilles Guyane ; No. 1, Fevrier/Mars 2000, Editions Tyanaba.

Fort de France, Martinique : Socit d'Anthropologie, 2000.


Baines, John

Ancient Egyptian kingship : official forms, rhetoric, context

Journal for the study of the Old Testament. Supplement Series. [Offprint]

Offprint from: King and Messiah in Israel and the Ancient Near East : proceedings of the Oxford Old Testament seminar edited by John Day, p. 17-53.


Bourriau, Janine

New kingdom pottery fabrics : Nile clay and mixed Nile/Marl : clay fabrics from Memphis and Amarna

Occasional publications (Egypt Exploration Society) ; 14.

London : Egypt Exploration Society, 2000.

0856981494 (pbk.)


Bousquet, Delphine

Le sarcophage et la momie gyptienne du museum de Perpignan : rsum d'un expos prsente au Museum d'Histoire naturelle le Mercedi, 8 avril 1992

Annales du Museum d'histoire naturelle de Perpignan [Offprint]

Offprint from: Annales du Musum d'histoire naturelle de Perpignan, Numro 3, 1993, p. 31-35.


Bruwier, Marie-Cecile

La Grammaire gyptienne de Jean-Francois Champollion

Cahiers de Mariemont. [Offprint]

Offprint from Cahiers de Mariemont, no.22, p. 49-58.


Carter, Howard, 1874-1939

The tomb of the bird

Pearson's magazine. [Offprint]

Offprint from: Pearson's Magazine, November, 1923, p. 433-437.


Derchain, Philippe

Symbols and metaphors in literature and representations of private life

Royal Anthropological Institute news. [Offprint]

Offprint from Royal Anthropological Institute news, no. 15, August 1976, p. 7-10.


Edwards, I. E. S. (Iorwerth Eiddon Stephen), 1909-

From the pyramids to Tutankhamun : memoirs of an Egyptologist

Oxford : Oxbow, 2000.



Eyre, Christopher J.

Peasants and "modern" leasing strategies in ancient Egypt [Offprint]

Leiden ; New York : Koninklijke Brill, 1997.

[Offprint] from JESHO 40,4 : Special Fortieth Anniversary Issue: Vol.40/Part 4/November 1997 : "Modernity" and its contents in the economic and social history of the Orient, p. 367-390.


Fazzini, Richard A.

Featured loan : Sheshonk III relief now on view

Previews (Indianapolis Museum of Art) [Offprint]

Offprint from: Previews (Indianapolis Museum of Art), November/December 2000, p.7.


Gingerich, Owen

Stellar orientation of pyramids : Plotting the pyramids

Nature (International weekly journal of science) [Offprint]

Offprint from Nature (International weekly journal of science), 16 November 2000, v.408 issue no.6810, p. 297-298.


Grimm, Alfred

Am beginn der Zeit : gypten in der Vor- und Fruhzeit

Schriften aus der gyptischen Sammlung (SAS) ; Heft 9

Mnchen : Staatliches Museum gyptischer Kunst, 2000.

387490721x (pbk.)


Ibrahem, Aymen Mohamed

The untraditional jubilees of the new kingdom and later periods

Eclipses and royal jubilees in ancient Egypt. [Offprint]

Offprint from: Eclipses and royal jubilees in ancient Egypt. Part 1.


Leospo, Enrica

La collezione Egizia del Museo Civico di Biella

Bollettino della Societ piemontese di archeologia e di belle arti. [Offprint]

Offprint from: Bollettino della Societ Piemontese di archeologia e di belle arti. Convegno Antichit ed arte nel Biellese. Biella, 14-15 Ottobre 1989. Nuova serie - 44 - 1990/1991, p. 119-122.


McBride, Daniel Richard

Egyptian foundations of Gnostic thought

0315927941 (pbk.)


Montserrat, Dominic

Ancient Egypt: digging for dreams : an exhibition held at the Croyden Clocktower, 8 October 2000 - 28 January 2001, and at the Burrell Collection, Glasgow, 16 March - 30 September 2001

Glasgow : Glasgow City Council, Cultural & Leisure Services, 2000.

0902752650 (pbk.)


Munch, Hans-Hubertus

Categorizing archaeological finds : the funerary material of Queen Hetepheres I at Giza

Antiquity. [Offprint]

Offprint from: Antiquity, v.74, no.286, December 2000, p. 897-908.


Naguib, Saphinaz-Amal

The era of martyrs: texts and contexts of religious memory

Between desert and city: the Coptic Orthodox church today [Offprint]

Offprint from: Nelly van Doorn-Harder and Kari Vogt (eds.). Between desert and city: the Coptic Orthodox church today. Serie B--Skrifter. Oslo: Novus forlag, 1997, p. 121-141.


Naguib, Saphinaz-Amal

Memoire de soi : Autobiographie et identit en ancienne Egypte

Built on solid rock : studies in honour of Professor Ebbe Egede Knudsen on the occasion of his 65th birthday, April 11th 1997 [Offprint]

Offprint from: Serie B--Skrifter : Built on solid rock : Studies in honour of Professor Ebbe Egede Knudsen on the occasion of his 65th birthday, April 11th 1997, p. 216-225.


Ny Carlsberg glyptotek

Guide to the collections, Ny Carlsberg glyptotek : 2000

[Copenhagen] : Ny Carlsberg glyptotek, 2000.

8774522353 (pbk.)


Ovadiah, Asher

Milestones in the art and culture of Egypt

Assaph book series

Tel Aviv : Faculty of the Arts, Tel Aviv University, 2000.


Romer, John

In the steps of Tutankhamun

The Sunday Times magazine. [Offprint]

Offprint from The Sunday Times magazine, June 8, 1980, p. 36-47.


Sethe, Kurt, 1869-1934

Die lteste Erwahnung des Haushuhns in einem gyptischen Texte

Festschrift : Friedrich Carl Andreas. [Offprint], p. 109-116.


Spence, Kate

Stellar orientation of pyramids : Ancient Egyptian chronology and the astronomical orientation of pyramids

Nature (International weekly journal of science) [Offprint]

Offprint from: Nature (International weekly journal of science), 16 November 2000, v. 408, issue no.6810, p. 320-324.


Spieser, Cathie, 1965-

Les noms du Pharaon comme etres autonomes au Nouvel Empire

Orbis biblicus et orientalis ; 174

Fribourg, Switzerland : Editions Universitaires ; Gttingen : Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, c2000.

3727812826 (Editions Universitaires)3525533098 (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht)


Troy, Lana

Resource management and idealogical manifestation. : The towns and cities of ancient Egypt [Offprint]


Vachala, Bretislav

Posledni odpocinek prvniho egyptskeho kolaboranta : Ctyricet let prace ceskych archeologu v Egypte

Vesmir. [Offprint]

Offprint from: Vesmr, 79, cerven 2000, p. 314-322.


Valentin, Francisco J. Martin

Amen-Hotep III y su tiempo : i jornadas tematics

Madrid : La Fundacin del Sur, 2000.

8488065094 (pbk.)


Youssef, Mourad

Geological studies on the Sakkara area, Egypt

Neues Jahrbuch fur Geologie und Palontologie. Abhandlungen. [Offprint]



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