The automation of the Griffith Institute Library catalogue.

By John Taylor

The Griffith Institute Library contains over 25,000 volumes dedicated to research in Egyptology, Coptic and Ancient Near Eastern studies. Its comprehensive collection includes archaeology and material culture; art and religion; languages and literature ranging from the Neolithic to the advent of Alexander the Great.

The Griffith Library's specialized collections are an integral part of the Ashmolean Library, which embraces the wider discipline of Old World archaeology and ancient history; and maintains historical continuity by acquiring publications in the fields of Papyrology, the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine East and Graeco-Roman Egypt.

Since 1990, new monographs have been catalogued on Oxford University's On-Line Union Catalogue (OLIS), which may be interrogated at In August 1995, the Griffith Institute Library began a two-year retrospective cataloguing project which will convert its card catalogue to electronic form. Once this is has been accomplished the library's automated catalogue will become an important bibliographical resource for the study of Egyptology.

August 25, 1995.

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