The Griffith Collections exist to support the work of the scholars of the University of Oxford and their students

Introduction to the Griffith Institute Library.


The Griffith Library's specialized collections are an integral part of Sackler Library, which embraces the wider discipline of Old World archaeology and ancient history; and maintains historical continuity by acquiring publications in the fields of Papyrology, the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine East and Graeco-Roman Egypt.


The Griffith Library contains 30,000 titles dedicated to Egyptology, Coptic and Ancient Near Eastern Studies. The nucleus of the Egyptology Collection, described in the 1995 edition of Who was Who in Egyptology as "the finest one in existence", was formed by Francis Llewellyn Griffith and bequeathed to the University of Oxford in 1938. Since that date, Griffith's endowment has been used to keep this collection up-to- date and to expand into Ancient Near Eastern Studies.  


The Griffith Library was further enhanced in 1944 with the acquisition of the library of Walter Ewing Crum, one of the foremost Coptologists of his time. It forms the core of an expanding collection that focuses on the language, literature and material culture of the Copts.


The Ancient Near Eastern Collection has been developed and expanded principally from the bequests of Griffith and his contemporary, Professor Archibald Henry Sayce (1845- 1933), and includes material donated by Sir Alan Henderson Gardiner (1879-1963). It focuses on the archaeology of the Middle East and cuneiform languages.


Today, the Griffith Library, along with its North American counterpart, the Wilbour Library of Egyptology in the Brooklyn Museum of Art, continues to be one of the finest research collections for the study of pre-Islamic Egypt.


The Griffith Collections exist to support the work of the scholars of the University of Oxford and their students.  Researchers from outside the University community are also welcome.  One may apply to the Librarian in advance for reader's privileges at the Library itself, or inquiries and reference requests may be made via email or regular post.  Direct all communications regarding the Library and its collections to:


Diane Bergman

Assistant (Griffith) Librarian

Sackler Library

Oxford OX1 2PH

United Kingdom


+44 (01865) 2-78089 (Telephone)

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(March 21, 2001)

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