Retrospective Conversion of the Griffith Library's Catalogue: Update.

The task of converting the the library's card catalogue into a machine readable online form commenced on the 15 August 1995, beginning the conversion of the Egyptological collection. On 1 June 1996 the number of titles converted reached 4000, covering four major sections: museum exhibition and collection catalogues, Egyptian art, archaeological sites, and language and literature. Work has just started on general history, to be followed by religion. Conversion of the holdings for the ancient Near East began on 1 February 1996. On the 1 June 1775 titles had been completed. The areas covered so far are conference proceedings, Festschriften, general monographs dealing with various topics relating to ancient Near Eastern civilizations, and the archaeology of Asia Minor and the Levant. Work will proceed on the rest of the region s archaeology, followed by religion, art and artefacts and languages and literature.

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June 14, 1996.

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