A key to the translation exercises in Sir Alan Gardiner's Egyptian Grammar.

Solutions to the translation exercises are not provided in Sir Alan Gardiner's Grammar but are often asked for by those who study Middle Egyptian on their own, outside recognized places of learning. We hope that the following will help. It is, however, necessary to make it clear that

1. these are not Sir Alan Gardiner's translations; he did not supply any;
2. they are not connected in any way with the teaching of Egyptian at Oxford;
3. no two Egyptologists would agree totally on the correctness of these translations; if there is a difference of opinion, your teacher (if you are lucky enough to have one) is likely to be right;
4. we cannot enter into a discussion of these translations - life is just too short, but we would be interested in your comments;
5. please consult the list of Griffith Institute's publications if you wish to order your copies of Gardiner's Egyptian Grammar or Faulkner's Concise Dictionary.

Translation exercises


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