Publications in Egyptology
Sackler Library (Griffith collection), Oxford

The latest publications listed in the electronic version of The Annual Egyptological Bibliography date to 2002 and access is restricted to subscribers. The inspiration for Publications in Egyptology has been provided by the immensely useful online presentation of annual accessions of the Bibliothèque Champollion, Collège de France, Paris by Jacques Berchon. Unfotunately, this seems to have been discontinued after 2006. The annual issues of Publications in Egyptology are based on monthly lists of accessions of Sackler Library (Griffith collection) in Oxford compiled by the Griffith Librarian, Diane Bergman. They have been prepared by Jaromir Malek, Editor of the Topographical Bibliography of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Texts. Users are referred to the catalogue of Oxford University libraries for further details. Links to other comparable lists have been added to make this a comprehensive site.

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