King Akhenaten (1353-1337 BC).

King Akhenaten was the greatest religious reformer of ancient Egypt. His father was king Amenhotep III, his mother was queen Teye.

At first, he was called Amenhotep (the name means "The God Amun is Satisfied") and was the fourth ancient Egyptian king of this name. Early in his reign he, however, replaced the many Egyptian gods by one deity, the Sun-Disc (in Egyptian: the Aten) and changed his name from Amenhotep to Akhenaten ("One who is Good to the Aten"). He founded a new capital of the country and called it Akhetaten (modern El-Amarna). One of his sons probably was the future king Tutankhamun.

Akhenaten's queen was the beautiful Nefertiti, but he had other wives. One of them, perhaps Kiya, was the mother of Tutankhamun.

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