The Aten.

King Akhenaten was a great religious reformer. The new thing about the religious teaching which he introduced was that the previous large number of Egyptian gods was replaced by the worship of one deity, the Aten (the Sun-Disc). The Aten was shown as a radiant disc with human arms holding symbols of life (ankh) reaching towards the worshipper.

The name of Akhenaten meant "One who is Good (akh) to (en) the Aten (aten)". The new capital of the country which he founded in Middle Egypt, near modern El-Amarna, was called Akhetaten, "The Horizon (akhet) of the Aten (aten)". Even Tutankhamun was at first called Tutankhaten, "The Living (ankh) Image (tut) of the Aten (aten)".

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