The pyramids at Giza.

There are three large pyramids at the site now known as Giza, after the name of a Cairo suburb to the east. The largest of the pyramids, 146 m high, was built by King Khufu (also known by the Greek version of his name, Kheops) who reigned between 2549 and 2526 BC. The second largest pyramid at Giza (143.5 m high) belonged to his son Rakhaef (the name is sometimes read Khafre, the Greek version of it is Khephren) (2518-2493 BC), and the third pyramid (65.5 m high) to King Menkaure (Mencheres or Mycerinus) (2488-2460 BC). The pyramids were royal tombs. Various unscientific theories which try to explain their purpose differently are unfounded.

The photograph shows the three Giza pyramids from the south, photographed by Zangaki about 1890. Griffith Institute photo. 292B. © Griffith Institute, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

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