Page 15 of Notebook E - notes to finds on page 16


    This site had been trenched by Ayrton - Theo. M. Davis' excavations, but these trenches did not seem to thoroughly exhaust the site. Nothing of interest was exposed.  
    [Note to the entry for January 10, 1920, on page 16.]  
    These boulders and debris, (?) from an excavation of a tomb of early date, are very puzzling. Possibly they may comprise the débris from tomb No. 39 at the head of the upper valley - hidden like that of the tomb of Amenhetep I. (The ground above around the edges of the canyon still requires exploration.) [Note to the entry for February 17, 1920, on page 16.]  
    Barring a certain depth of top stuff this ground was undisturbed since dynastic times.
    [Note to the entry for February 21, 1920, on page 16.]  


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