Page 19 of Notebook E - notes to finds on page 20


Level of floor of huts [Note to find 293 on page 20.]
  (?) a hut re-used for mixing plaster for Ramses VI tomb. [Note to find 299 on page 20.]  
  The huts here (L.15, 16, M.15, 16) were built partly upon ledge of rock and partly upon ground made up with number of boulders. [Note to find 302 on page 20.]
  Though there were immense heaps of rubbish from former excavations accumulated on the upper stratum and rock slopes, the ground below had not been attacked since ancient times.  
  [Note to find 303 on page 20.]  
  The deposits were undisturbed excepting certain decay from torrential waters  
  [Note to finds 314-17 on page 20.]  
In loose rubbish [Note to finds 318-19 on page 20.]


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