Egyptian Mirage
19th-century "studio" photographs of Egypt
Based on the collection in the Archive of the Griffith Institute, Oxford
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Site: Edfu not known, Edfu (c.1900
[Gr. Inst. 4166 in an album dated 1904.]) (Enlarged image size=62Kb)
Description: The temple of Horus, the girdle wall. Wall relief, Ptolemy X Alexander I, with Horus and Isis in a sailing-boat, spearing a hippopotamus, PM vi, 161 (309)-(311).
Photographer: not known
Date: c.1900 [Gr. Inst. 4166 in an album dated 1904.]
Signature & Caption: [no signature] [no caption]
(a) 19.7 by 25.8 cm
(b) 21.8 by 27.9 cm
(c) 19.9 by 26.1 cm
Griffith Institute Archive reference: (a) Gr. Inst. 764
(b) Gr. Inst. 4166
(c) Somers Clarke MSS. 11.19
Scan: cl11-019.jpg
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