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Site (Petrie): Kahun and Gurob Click to see enlarged image
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Site (Top. Bibl.): el-Lâhûn. Town (Kahûn) and Kôm Medînet Ghurab (Gurob)
Caption: Kahun & Gurob antiquities 1890 942-952
Small objects Kahun XII & Gurob XVIII-XIX.
Stamp Apepi K Base of statue K Ivory ape K
Taurt & prince G Lion scarab K, Ivory G alabaster cup G
Ivory, vine G Head G Knob, Thii G wooden pot G Girl harpiing K
Isis plaque G
wooden lion K Hippopotamus in boat K
Petrie Photo. No.: 947
Griffith Inst. Archive Ref: Petrie MSS. 5.8.5 [upper]
Technical description: print, 9.7 by 7 cm
Scan: Petrie_5_8_005upper
Commentary: From el-Lhn. Town: Stamp of Ipep, cf. Petrie, Illahun, Kahun and Gurob. 1889-90, 13 [29] pl. xii [16]. Base of statue of Inpy, Overseer of the antechamber, etc., temp. Sesostris III to Amenemhet III, in Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 456. Ivory ape, probably temp. Amenemhet II, cf. id. ib. 11 [24] and id. Ten Years' Digging in Egypt 117. Lion-hunt scarab, cf. id. Illahun, Kahun and Gurob. 1889-90, 15 [33]; later in Kennard and K. J. Stern collns., Blankenberg-Van Delden, The Large Commemorative Scarabs 89 [C 43], 155 [LSC 7] pl. xviii. Stone figure of girl playing harp, cf. Petrie, Illahun, Kahun and Gurob. 1889-90, 11 [23]. Wooden lion, cf. id. ib. 11 [24] pl. viii [1] . From Km Mednet Ghurab: Ivory fragment with scene of vineyard with bird, cf. id. ib. 19 [39] pl. xxii [21]. Stela with Tueris and prince(?), Dynasty XVIII, now in Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum, E.31.1937. Blue plaque with a goddess, cf. id. ib. 19 [39] pl. xxii [23]. Knob of box lid with Teye's name, now in Berlin, Agyptisches Museum, 20567, cf. id. ib. 19 [39] pl. xix [38].
Topographical Bibliography reference: site, PM iv.111-14; knob with Teye's name, PM iv.114
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