Petrie's Photographs of Egypt
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Site (Petrie): Gurob Click to see enlarged image
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Site (Top. Bibl.): Kôm Medînet Ghurab (‘Gurob’)
Caption: Kahun & Gurob antiquities 1890 942-952
all Gurob XVIII-XIX
blue & yellow glass
blue bowl
blue kohl tubes
glazed inlay
wood inlayed with cut gems & gilding
blue jar
monkey & captive blue gazelle bowl
blue jar
blue pot with ducks
Petrie Photo. No.: 949
Griffith Inst. Archive Ref: Petrie MSS. 5.8.6 [upper]
Technical description: print, 9.7 by 7 cm
Scan: Petrie_5_8_006upper
Commentary: Faience and glass objects. Cf. Petrie, Illahun, Kahun and Gurob. 1889-90, 17, 19 [37, 39] pl. xx (selected items); id. Ten Years' Digging in Egypt 134.
Topographical Bibliography reference: site, PM iv.112-14
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