want of descriptive information about the specimens themselves which you alone can give.

I hope to see you soon and to hear that you are very well and have had a very successful season.

Kindest regards from Mrs. Scott and from
Yours very truly,

Alexander Scott

Dr. Howard Carter,
2, Princes Gate Court,

To reply
May 10th 1933

Thank you indeed for the information re the scarlet-gold. I received last year notes upon the subject from Mr. Ogden including a copy of the analysis. But what I have not got into my stupid head is - was the percentage of iron due to it having been intentionally alloyed with the gold, or was it due to selected specimens of native gold originally containing iron? Naturally, one recognizes that either condition could meet the case, but some idea as to the probabilities would throw much light upon the extent of those ancients' metallurgical knowledge especially in connection with iron. For, as you know, they applied this yellow gold upon the scarlet gold to obtain an intentional decorative effect:

(August 30, 2008)

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