question is probably due to oxide of iron, but in what manner it was produced is not known, as it occurs on both sides of most of the objects on which it is present. This suggests that the object may have been dipped in a solution of an iron salt and then heated. That this colour is intentional is shown by its regular and systematic distribution on certain objects, or on certain parts of objects."

Dr. Alexander Scott, F.R.S., says (by letter, May 1933) that experiments by Professor R.W. Wood (U.S.A.), made from the point of view of the physicist, showed that the gold from which the red-coloured sequins were made contained iron. In May a year ago, Mr. J. R. Ogden got Messrs. Johnson, Matthey & Co., the gold experts, to make an analysis of one of the sequins (from a robe of Tut.ankh.Amen - Author's note.) and they reported that this alloy contained 1.55 per cent of iron. Doubtless Mr. Ogden sent to you a copy of the analysis which fully explained the source of the colour, known for years now to consist of nothing but oxide of iron. My own analysis, since made with extreme care

(July 31, 2008)

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