and using a larger quantity of the alloy shows only 0.81 per cent of iron but this is far more than enough to give the red colour without any iron being supplied from an external source."

Mr. J. R. Ogden kindly forwarded to me (May 1932) the following analysis made by Messrs. Johnson, Matthey & Co., of Hatton Garden, London, May 1932.
"One Gold Sequin. Diam. ½" approx. 3.388 grains. Covered with rose-coloured film, both sides, part worn from surface. 1/3rd of sequin used for analysis. 2/3rd. returned as received."
Gold ... 95.80
Silver ... 2.60
Copper ... Nil
Iron ... 1.55
Zinc ... Nil
Loss ... 0.05

It will be noticed that there is a considerable difference in the proportion of iron shown in the

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