analysis made by Dr. Alexander Scott and that of Messrs. Johnson, Matthey & Co., although the sequins examined in both cases came from the same robe and from outward appearances were of the same manufacture. This difference of proportion of the metal in question, might, however be due to either an unequal distribution in the original alloy, or possibly to the oxide of iron on the surface being part worn off, and Messrs. Johnson, Matthey & Co. by having only a small quantity for analysis they naturally selected a portion where the rose-coloured film was of greatest density. For it should be pointed out that a characteristic of this rose-coloured film is that it can be easily rubbed off, and for that reason, I found, handling the specimens was to be avoided as much as possible - Author's note.

During September, 1932, I received the following note and enclosure from Mr. James R. Ogden:- "In pursuing my enquiries as to the red tone of the gold on the discs from the

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