TAA i.3.5.8

Bears the Neith Dua-mutef formula.

Max. L. 39 cms.

Was closed by the means of twisted linen tied round the neck and ankles.

Made of beaten gold and decorated with coloured glass and carnelian. The glass is of lapis-blue and turquoise-blue colour, the carnelian has been backed with a red pigment to enhance its colour.

Wears the nemes-headdress, the Nekhebet-Buto insignia on forehead. Holds in the R. hand the flagellum and in the L. hand the crozier sceptre. Wears round the neck a double bead necklace and the usekh-collar. The shoulders and upper part of the body enveloped in the wings of Nekhebet and Buto, the rest of the body being decorated with feather ornament - the wings of Isis.

The work of the lid does not agree exactly with that of the coffin, neither does the lid fit truly on to the coffin. They may be the work of two craftsmen working independently upon a given design.

Upon the soles of the feet is the symbol O, corresponding to a similar mark upon the lid of the receptacle.

CONTENTS: The ... wrapped in linen mummiform.
L. 22.5 cms., max.diam 3.85 cms., min. diam 2.80 cms. (when unwrapped).

(May 19, 2006)

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