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On this page you will find Griffith Institute videos and podcasts plus links to our social media pages, articles on our work and reviews, including those for the 2014 exhibition 'Discovering Tutankhamun' and the recent 2022 centenary exhibition 'Tutankhamun: Excavating the Archive'. We aim to update this page regularly so do check back for new links.


A Chronicle No Longer Gold

Keynote lecture delivered by Prof. Richard Bruce Parkinson, University of Oxford, during the international colloquium 'Tutankhamun and Carter: Assessing the Impact of a Major Archaeological Find' (Lisbon, 16t-17 February 2023). with an exhibition of archive material at the Weston Library in Oxford.

Tutankhamun: Excavating the Archive

In 2022 the Griffith Institute commemorates the 100th anniversary of the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun with an exhibition of archive material at the Weston Library in Oxford.

Commemoration ceremony on 4 November 2022

On 4 November 2022, the Griffith Institute and Bodleian Libraries held a small ceremony in the Treasury. A replica wreath was laid by the British-Egyptian writer Ahdaf Soueif in memory of all those who had worked on the tomb, both ancient and modern. Replicas of percussion instruments placed in the tomb were also sounded out.

Fly-through of the tomb of Tutankhamun

Fly-through of the tomb of Tutankhamun, including the Burial chamber with the sarcophagus. One room, the Treasury, is shown with all its original contents still in place, as reconstructed from the records in the Griffith Institute Archive. Produced by Christopher Breninek, Matthieu Götz and Benny Waszk, © The Griffith Institute and The Bodleian Libraries.

Griffith Institute 75th anniversary

In 2014 the Griffith Institute marks its 75th anniversary. The Institute's Co-Directors, Prof. Richard Parkinson and Associate Prof. Elizabeth Frood, talk about the impact of this internationally renowned Egyptological powerhouse.

Conserving by copying: 3D Printing Tutankhamun's Tomb

When he was photographing Howard Carter's excavation of Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922, Harry Burton could not have imagined that his work would one day allow the creation of a full-size replica of this incredible find.

One Connected Vision of Ancient Egypt: A launch of the digitised Topographical Bibliography

Richard Parkinson, Professor of Egyptology, gives a talk about the new digital Topographical Bibliography from the Griffith Institute at Oxford.

'The Queens Shrieks: The Shock of Ancient Egyptian Poetry'

A video of R. B. Parkinson's inaugural lecture given on the 8th of May 2014, accompanied by Barbara Ewing.


Howard Carter's excavation records of the tomb of Tutankhamun

Dr Jaromir Malek, former Keeper of the Archive at the Griffith Institute, talks about the tomb of Tutankhamun; its discovery by Howard Carter and what the Griffith Institute are doing to study the tomb and the treasures inside it.

Listen here

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