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Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation
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Photographs by Harry Burton
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Carter No.: 091

Handlist description: Throne (or ceremonial chair)

Card/Transcription No.: 091-02

91 (continued)

Remarks a The throne was leaning backward when found and had its stool No. 90) resting upon its seat (see photo), as if carelessly put there out of the way.

b The ornaments on either side of the sm3-symbol on the rails of the throne have been wrenched off for their value of metal. These appear to have been of papyrus and lotus design and once formed the tying of the Two Lands device as the knots upon the stems of the sm3- symbols show. (See bronze and wood gilt ornaments of this nature found on floor of antechamber and in rubbish of passage and entrance)

c The feet have bronze shoes

d On the corner of the back r. hand leg are two places where the overlaid gold has been torn off. They are (anciently) marked with black ink and have hieratic notes in red (See note by A.H.G.).

e Traces of ancient repairs.

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