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Carter No.: 266c

Handlist description: Lid of canopic jar

Card/Transcription No.: 266c

266, C. (N. E.) LID OF (Neith Dua-mutef) JAR

POSITION: - Covering the N. E. receptacle (i.e. the hollow which takes the place of the Neith-Dua-mutef canopic jar). Faced west.

DIMENSIONS: - Max. H. 24 cents. (Flange 3 cents). Diam. across shoulders 19 cents.

DESCRIPTION: - A human-headed jar lid, carved of alabaster (calcite), in the likeness of the King; wears the nemes headdress and the Nekhebet & Buto insignia on forehead. Details of features painted black & red The insignia carved of separate pieces of alabaster tongued and luted with resin & whiting to the head which were found broken off. Back splashed with unguents. Centre hollowed out.

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