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Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation
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Photographs by Harry Burton
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Carter No.: 256

Handlist description: King's mummy

Card/Transcription No.: 256-2

256 2

B The hands, which were separate from the mask, were sewn to the outer wrapping, the thread however being decayed: the hands held the Osiris insignia - the crook and flail - which have suffered considerably from the humidity, some parts being much disintegrated. Depending from the hands and from a central winged figure of Nekhbet were four broad transverse and three broad longitudinal bands of flexible inlaid gold trappings, of the latter one was central and one at each side. These bands were sewn to the wrappings and were entirely covered by the black pitch-like material of the "libation". The outer linen wrappings of the mummy from the shoulders to the ankles were covered by the "libation" and are blackened and carbonized: the linen covering the feet, although not blackened, is also in a very fragile and powdery condition. Both the mask and the mummy itself are stuck to the gold shell of the coffin (third innermost No 255) by means of the

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