Theban tomb tracings
made by Norman and Nina de Garis Davies

Concept and direction: Jaromir Malek
Catalogue: Helen Murray, Elizabeth Fleming and Alison Hobby
Editing: Hana Navrátilová and Jaromir Malek
Scanning: Jenni Navratil, assisted by Hana Navrátilová
Photo-editing: Jenni Navratil
Coordination: Elizabeth Fleming

Sheikh Abd el-Qurna. TT 62, Amenemwaskhet, Overseer of the cabinet.
Temp. Tuthmosis III(?)

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i2.125(3) Funeral procession to [Western goddess].

Davies MSS. 10.20.1
(pencil tracing)
Detail of funeral procession, PM i2,125(3).

i2.125(4) Four registers. I and II, Guests. III, Servants with provisions and animals. IV, Rites before mummies.

Davies MSS. 10.20.2
(pencil tracing)
Man bringing animals in register III, PM i2, 125(4).

i2.125 Fragments of decoration from TT 62, not identified.

Davies MSS. 10.20.3
(pencil tracing)
Men bringing linen garments,
PM i2, 125.

Davies MSS. 10.20.4
(pencil tracing)
Fragment with flowers,
PM i2, 125.

(January 19, 2012)
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