Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation

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Howard Carter's numbering system for objects from the tomb of Tutankhamun

Carter assigned numbers 1 to 620(123) to the 5,398 objects found in the tomb (many of these numbers are groups of items):
  • Nos. 1 to 3 were from outside the tomb and the Staircase
  • No. 4 was the first doorway
  • Nos. 5 to 12 were from the Descending Passage
  • No. 13 was the second doorway to the Antechamber
  • Nos. 14 to 170 were from the Antechamber (No. 28 was the third doorway to the Burial Chamber)
  • No. 171 was the fourth doorway to the Annexe
  • Nos. 172 to 260 were from the Burial Chamber
  • Nos. 261 to 336 were from the Treasury
  • Nos. 337 to 620(123) were from the Annexe
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Carter's numbers for some of the most important and well known objects:

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