Ten albums of photographs connected with the tomb of Tutankhamun,
almost certainly assembled by Harry Burton.
TAA i.6

Concept and direction: Jaromir Malek
Cataloguing: Kerry Webb
Editing: Jaromir Malek and Elizabeth Fleming
Scanning and image editing: Jenni Navratil
Coordination: Elizabeth Fleming

Album 1 (TAA i.6.1)

Photographs marked by an asterisk* were edited during printing, e.g. cropped or similar

TAA i.6.1.43

TAA i.6.1.1 [upper left] = p0073
TAA i.6.1.1 [lower left] = p0074
TAA i.6.1.1 [right] = p0075*
TAA i.6.1.2 = p0076
TAA i.6.1.3 = p0077*
TAA i.6.1.4 = p0078
TAA i.6.1.5 = p0079
TAA i.6.1.6 [left] = p0080
TAA i.6.1.6 [right] = p0081
TAA i.6.1.7 [upper left] = p0082*
TAA i.6.1.7 [lower right] = p0083*
TAA i.6.1.7 [right] = p0084*
TAA i.6.1.8 [left] = p0085*
TAA i.6.1.8 [upper right] = p0086
TAA i.6.1.8 [lower right] = p0087*
TAA i.6.1.9 [left] = p0088
TAA i.6.1.9 [right] = p0089
TAA i.6.1.10 = p0090
TAA i.6.1.11 = p0091
TAA i.6.1.12 = p0092
TAA i.6.1.13 = p0093
TAA i.6.1.14 = p0094
TAA i.6.1.15 [upper left] = p0095
TAA i.6.1.15 [lower left] = p0096*
TAA i.6.1.15 [right] = p0097
TAA i.6.1.16 [top middle] = p0098
TAA i.6.1.16 [lower left] = p0099
TAA i.6.1.16 [lower right] = p0100
TAA i.6.1.17 [upper left] = p0101
TAA i.6.1.17 [lower left] = p0102
TAA i.6.1.17 [right] = p0103
TAA i.6.1.18 [upper left] = p0104
TAA i.6.1.18 [lower left] = p0105
TAA i.6.1.18 [upper right] = p0106
TAA i.6.1.18 [lower right] = p0107*
TAA i.6.1.19 [upper left] = p0108
TAA i.6.1.19 [lower left] = p0110
TAA i.6.1.19 [upper right] = p0109
TAA i.6.1.19 [lower right] = p0111
TAA i.6.1.20 [upper left] = p0112
TAA i.6.1.20 [lower left] = p0113
TAA i.6.1.20 [upper right] = p0114
TAA i.6.1.20 [lower right] = p0115
TAA i.6.1.21 [upper left] = p0116
TAA i.6.1.21 [upper right] = p0120*

TAA i.6.1.21 [lower left] = p0117
TAA i.6.1.21 [lower right] = p0119
TAA i.6.1.22 [left] = p0121*
TAA i.6.1.22 [right] = p0122*
TAA i.6.1.23 [upper left] = p0123*
TAA i.6.1.23 [lower left] = p0124
TAA i.6.1.23 [upper right] = p0125*
TAA i.6.1.23 [lower right] = p0126*
TAA i.6.1.24 [left] = p0127*
TAA i.6.1.24 [centre] = p0128
TAA i.6.1.24 [right] = p0129
TAA i.6.1.25 [left] = p0130
TAA i.6.1.25 [upper right] = p0131*
TAA i.6.1.25 [lower right] = p0132
TAA i.6.1.26 [upper left] = p0133*
TAA i.6.1.26 [lower left] = p0134*
TAA i.6.1.26 [upper right] = p0135*
TAA i.6.1.26 [lower right] = p0136
TAA i.6.1.27 = p0137
TAA i.6.1.28 = p0138*
TAA i.6.1.29 [left] = p0139
TAA i.6.1.29 [right] = p0140*
TAA i.6.1.30 [left] = p0098 The print in the album is labelled Neg. 141
TAA i.6.1.30 [right] = p0142
TAA i.6.1.31 [left] = p0143
TAA i.6.1.31 [right] = p0144 *
TAA i.6.1.32 [left] = p0145*
TAA i.6.1.32 [right] = p0146*
TAA i.6.1.33 = p0147*
TAA i.6.1.34 [left] = p0148
TAA i.6.1.34 [right] = p0149
TAA i.6.1.35 [left] = p0150
TAA i.6.1.35 [right] = p0151
TAA i.6.1.36 [left] = p0152
TAA i.6.1.36 [right] = p0153
TAA i.6.1.37 = p0154*
TAA i.6.1.38 [left] = p0155
TAA i.6.1.38 [right] = p0156
TAA i.6.1.39 [left] = p0157
TAA i.6.1.39 [right] = p0158
TAA i.6.1.40 [left] = p0159
TAA i.6.1.40 [right] = p0160
TAA i.6.1.41 [left] = p0161

TAA i.6.1.41 [right] = p0162
TAA i.6.1.42 [left] = p0163
TAA i.6.1.42 [right] = p0164
TAA i.6.1.43 = p0015 The print in the album is labelled Neg. 165
TAA i.6.1.44 = p0166
TAA i.6.1.45 [upper left] = p0167
TAA i.6.1.45 [upper right] = p0168
TAA i.6.1.45 [lower left] = p0169*
TAA i.6.1.45 [lower centre] = p0170*
TAA i.6.1.45 [lower right] = p0171*
TAA i.6.1.46 [left] = p0172
TAA i.6.1.46 [centre] = p0173*
TAA i.6.1.46 [top right] = p0174*
TAA i.6.1.46 [middle right] = p0175*
TAA i.6.1.46 [bottom right] = p0176*
TAA i.6.1.47 [top left] = p0177*
TAA i.6.1.47 [middle left] = p0178*
TAA i.6.1.47 [bottom left] = p0180*
TAA i.6.1.47 [upper centre (left)] = p0179*
TAA i.6.1.47 [upper centre (right)] = p0181*
TAA i.6.1.47 [lower centre] = p0182*
TAA i.6.1.47 [right] = p0183*
TAA i.6.1.48 = p0184
TAA i.6.1.49 [upper left] = p0185*
TAA i.6.1.49 [upper centre] = p0186*
TAA i.6.1.49 [upper right] = p0187*
TAA i.6.1.49 [lower left] = p0188*
TAA i.6.1.49 [lower right] = p0189*
TAA i.6.1.50 [upper left] = p0190*
TAA i.6.1.50 [upper right] = p0191*
TAA i.6.1.50 [lower left] = p0192*
TAA i.6.1.50 [lower centre] = p0193*
TAA i.6.1.50 [lower right] = p0194*
TAA i.6.1.51 [left] = p0195
TAA i.6.1.52 [upper left] = p0196
TAA i.6.1.52 [lower left] = p0197*
TAA i.6.1.52 [upper right] = p0198*
TAA i.6.1.52 [lower right] = p0199
TAA i.6.1.53 [upper left] = p0200
TAA i.6.1.53 [lower left] = p0201*
TAA i.6.1.53 [lower centre] = p0202*
TAA i.6.1.53 [upper right] = p0203
TAA i.6.1.53 [lower right] = p0204*
TAA i.6.1.54 = p0205*

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