Ten albums of photographs connected with the tomb of Tutankhamun,
almost certainly assembled by Harry Burton.
TAA i.6

Concept and direction: Jaromir Malek
Cataloguing: Kerry Webb
Editing: Jaromir Malek and Elizabeth Fleming
Scanning and image editing: Jenni Navratil
Coordination: Elizabeth Fleming

Album 2 (TAA i.6.2)

Photographs marked by an asterisk* were edited during printing, e.g. cropped or similar

TAA i.6.2.49

TAA i.6.2.1 [left] = p0584
TAA i.6.2.1 [right] = p0585
TAA i.6.2.2 [left] = p0586
TAA i.6.2.2 [right] = p0587
TAA i.6.2.3 = p0588*
TAA i.6.2.4 [left] = p0589
TAA i.6.2.4 [right] = p0590
TAA i.6.2.5 = p0591
TAA i.6.2.6 = p0592
TAA i.6.2.7 [left] = p0593
TAA i.6.2.7 [right] = p0594
TAA i.6.2.8 [left] = p0595
TAA i.6.2.8 [right] = p0596
TAA i.6.2.9 [top] = p0597*
TAA i.6.2.9 [middle] = p0598*
TAA i.6.2.9 [bottom] = p0599*
TAA i.6.2.10 = p0600
TAA i.6.2.11 = p0601
TAA i.6.2.12 = p0602
TAA i.6.2.13 = p0603
TAA i.6.2.14 = p0604
TAA i.6.2.15 [left] = p0605

TAA i.6.2.16 = p0607
TAA i.6.2.17 = p0608
TAA i.6.2.18 = p0609
TAA i.6.2.19 = p0610
TAA i.6.2.20 [left] = p0611
TAA i.6.2.20 [right] = p0612
TAA i.6.2.21 = p0613
TAA i.6.2.22 = p0614
TAA i.6.2.23 = p0615
TAA i.6.2.24 = p0616
TAA i.6.2.25 = p0617
TAA i.6.2.26 = p0618
TAA i.6.2.27 = p0619
TAA i.6.2.28 = p0620
TAA i.6.2.29 = p0621
TAA i.6.2.30 = p0622
TAA i.6.2.31 = p0623
TAA i.6.2.32 [left] = p0624
TAA i.6.2.32 [right] = p0625
TAA i.6.2.33 [left] = p0626
TAA i.6.2.33 [right] = p0627
TAA i.6.2.34 = p0628

TAA i.6.2.36 = p0630
TAA i.6.2.37 = p0631
TAA i.6.2.38 [left] = p0632
TAA i.6.2.38 [right] = p0633
TAA i.6.2.39 = p0634
TAA i.6.2.40 = p0635
TAA i.6.2.41 = p0636*
TAA i.6.2.42 = p0637
TAA i.6.2.43 = p0638
TAA i.6.2.44 = p0639
TAA i.6.2.45 = p0640
TAA i.6.2.46 = p0641
TAA i.6.2.47 [left] = p0642
TAA i.6.2.47 [right] = p0643
TAA i.6.2.48 [left] = p0644
TAA i.6.2.48 [right] = p0645
TAA i.6.2.49 = p0646
TAA i.6.2.50 = p0647
TAA i.6.2.51 = p0648
TAA i.6.2.52 = p0649*
TAA i.6.2.53 = p1094* The print in the album is labelled Neg. 650
TAA i.6.2.54 = p1095* The print in the album is labelled Neg. 651

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