Ten albums of photographs connected with the tomb of Tutankhamun,
almost certainly assembled by Harry Burton.
TAA i.6

Concept and direction: Jaromir Malek
Cataloguing: Kerry Webb
Editing: Jaromir Malek and Elizabeth Fleming
Scanning and image editing: Jenni Navratil
Coordination: Elizabeth Fleming

Album 3 (TAA i.6.3)

Photographs marked by an asterisk* were edited during printing, e.g. cropped or similar


TAA i.6.3.1 = p0491
TAA i.6.3.2 = p0492
TAA i.6.3.3 [left] = p0493
TAA i.6.3.3 [right] = p0494
TAA i.6.3.4 [left] = p0495
TAA i.6.3.4 [right] = p0496
TAA i.6.3.5 [left] = p0497
TAA i.6.3.5 [right] = p0498
TAA i.6.3.6 = p0499
TAA i.6.3.7 [left] = p0500
TAA i.6.3.7 [right] = p0501
TAA i.6.3.8 [left] = p0502*
TAA i.6.3.8 [right] = p0503
TAA i.6.3.9 = p0504
TAA i.6.3.10 = p0505
TAA i.6.3.11 [left] = p0506
TAA i.6.3.11 [right] = p0507
TAA i.6.3.12 [left] = p0508
TAA i.6.3.12 [right] = p0509
TAA i.6.3.13 = p0510
TAA i.6.3.14 = p0511
TAA i.6.3.15 [left] = p0512
TAA i.6.3.15 [right] = p0513
TAA i.6.3.16 [left] = p0514
TAA i.6.3.16 [right] = p0515
TAA i.6.3.17 [left] = p0516
TAA i.6.3.17 [right] = p0517
TAA i.6.3.18 = p0518

TAA i.6.3.19 = p0519
TAA i.6.3.20 = p0520
TAA i.6.3.21 = p0521
TAA i.6.3.22 [left] = p0522
TAA i.6.3.22 [right] = p0523
TAA i.6.3.23 = p0524
TAA i.6.3.24 = p0525
TAA i.6.3.25 = p0526
TAA i.6.3.26 = p0527
TAA i.6.3.27 = p0528
TAA i.6.3.28 [left] = p0529
TAA i.6.3.28 [right] = p0530*
TAA i.6.3.29 = p0531
TAA i.6.3.30 [upper left] = p0532
TAA i.6.3.30 [lower left] = p0533
TAA i.6.3.30 [right] = p0534
TAA i.6.3.31 = p0535
TAA i.6.3.32 = p0536
TAA i.6.3.33 = p0537
TAA i.6.3.34 [left] = p0538
TAA i.6.3.34 [right] = p0539
TAA i.6.3.35 [left] = p0540
TAA i.6.3.35 [right] = p0541
TAA i.6.3.36 = p0542
TAA i.6.3.37 = p0543
TAA i.6.3.38 [right] = p0555
TAA i.6.3.39 [left] = p0556
TAA i.6.3.39 [right] = p0557

TAA i.6.3.40 = p0558
TAA i.6.3.41 = p0559
TAA i.6.3.42 [left] = p0560
TAA i.6.3.42 [right] = p0561
TAA i.6.3.43 [left] = p0563 The print in the album is labelled Neg. 562
TAA i.6.3.43 [right] = p0562 The print in the album is labelled Neg. 563
TAA i.6.3.44 [left] = p0564
TAA i.6.3.44 [right] = p0565
TAA i.6.3.45 = p0566
TAA i.6.3.46 [left] = p0567
TAA i.6.3.46 [centre] = p0568
TAA i.6.3.46 [right] = p0569
TAA i.6.3.47 [left] = p0570
TAA i.6.3.47 [centre] = p0571
TAA i.6.3.47 [right] = p0572
TAA i.6.3.48 [left] = p0573
TAA i.6.3.48 [centre] = p0574
TAA i.6.3.48 [right] = p0575
TAA i.6.3.49 = p0576
TAA i.6.3.50 [left] = p0577
TAA i.6.3.50 [centre] = p0578
TAA i.6.3.50 [right] = p0579
TAA i.6.3.51 [left] = p0580
TAA i.6.3.51 [right] = p0581
TAA i.6.3.52 = p0582
TAA i.6.3.53 = p0583

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