Ten albums of photographs connected with the tomb of Tutankhamun,
almost certainly assembled by Harry Burton.
TAA i.6

Concept and direction: Jaromir Malek
Cataloguing: Kerry Webb
Editing: Jaromir Malek and Elizabeth Fleming
Scanning and image editing: Jenni Navratil
Coordination: Elizabeth Fleming

Album 6 (TAA i.6.6)

Photographs marked by an asterisk* were edited during printing, e.g. cropped or similar


TAA i.6.6.1 [left] = p0001
TAA i.6.6.1 [right] = p0002
TAA i.6.6.2 = pkv14 The print in the album is labelled Neg. 3
TAA i.6.6.3 [left] = p0004
TAA i.6.6.3 [right] = p0005
TAA i.6.6.4 = p0006
TAA i.6.6.5 = p0007
TAA i.6.6.6 = p1695 The print in the album is labelled Neg. 8
TAA i.6.6.7 = p0009
TAA i.6.6.8 = p0010
TAA i.6.6.9 = p0011
TAA i.6.6.10 = p0012
TAA i.6.6.11 = p0013
TAA i.6.6.12 = p0014
TAA i.6.6.13 = p0015
TAA i.6.6.14 = p0016
TAA i.6.6.15 = p0017
TAA i.6.6.16 = p0018
TAA i.6.6.17 = p0019
TAA i.6.6.18 = p0020
TAA i.6.6.19 = p0021
TAA i.6.6.20 = p0022
TAA i.6.6.21 = p0023
TAA i.6.6.22 [left] = p0024

TAA i.6.6.22 [right] = p0025
TAA i.6.6.23 = p0026
TAA i.6.6.24 [left] = p0027
TAA i.6.6.24 [upper right] = p0028
TAA i.6.6.24 [lower right] = p0029
TAA i.6.6.25 [left] = p0030
TAA i.6.6.25 [right] = p0031
TAA i.6.6.26 [left] = p0032
TAA i.6.6.26 [right] = p0033
TAA i.6.6.27 = p0034
TAA i.6.6.28 = p0035
TAA i.6.6.29 [left] = p0036
TAA i.6.6.29 [right] = p0037
TAA i.6.6.30 [left] = p0038
TAA i.6.6.30 [middle] = p0039
TAA i.6.6.30 [right] = p0040
TAA i.6.6.31 = p0041
TAA i.6.6.32 = p0042
TAA i.6.6.33 = p0043
TAA i.6.6.34 = p0044
TAA i.6.6.35 = p0045
TAA i.6.6.36 [upper left] = p0225 The print in the album is labelled Neg. 46
TAA i.6.6.36 [lower left] = p0047*
TAA i.6.6.36 [middle] = p0048*
TAA i.6.6.36 [upper right] = p0049

TAA i.6.6.36 [lower right] = p0050*
TAA i.6.6.37 [left] = p0051*
TAA i.6.6.37 [middle] = p0052*
TAA i.6.6.37 [right] = p0052 The print in the album is labelled Neg. 53
TAA i.6.6.38 [upper left] = p0054
TAA i.6.6.38 [lower left] = p0055*
TAA i.6.6.38 [upper right] = p0056
TAA i.6.6.38 [lower right] = p0057
TAA i.6.6.39 [upper left] = p0058*
TAA i.6.6.39 [upper middle] = p0055 The print in the album is labelled Neg. 60
TAA i.6.6.39 [upper right] = p0058 The print in the album is labelled Neg. 62
TAA i.6.6.39 [lower left] = p0059
TAA i.6.6.39 [lower right] = p0061
TAA i.6.6.40 = p0063
TAA i.6.6.41 = p0064*
TAA i.6.6.42 = p0065
TAA i.6.6.43 [upper left] = p0066
TAA i.6.6.43 [lower left] = p0067
TAA i.6.6.43 [right] = p0068*
TAA i.6.6.44 [left] = p0069
TAA i.6.6.44 [right] = p0070
TAA i.6.6.45 [left] = p0071
TAA i.6.6.45 [right] = p0072

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