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Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation
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Photographs by Harry Burton
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Carter No.: 012e

Handlist description: Fragments of faience, including faience draughtsman

Card/Transcription No.: 012ao

12 Miscl. objects found in rubbish filling passage.

a. Faience pendants, some inlaid. (8 pieces from corselet 54k)

b. Portions of gold-foil work (from objects inside Chamber).

c. Inlaid gold plaques (from jewellery). (4 pairs from corselet 54k).

d. Faience rings (whole and broken).

e. Frags. of faience, including faience draughtsman.

f. Faience floral pendants of El Amarna type (some broken).

g. Bronze razors (? model).

h. Fragments of Resin (one showing inlay).

i. Clay seal

j. Fragments of ivory and ebony inlay.

k. Shells from (?) necklace (see 54 ddd 1)

l. Dried fruits (? Nebek)

m. Pieces of worked semi-precious stones

n. Fragments metal work: bronze covered with gold; yoke and basket for shawabti; bronze arrowhead; and gold and bronze staple.

o. Wooden labels from ? objects.


Card no. 012ao relating to Carter no. 012e
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