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Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation
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Photographs by Harry Burton
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Carter No.: 014

Handlist description: Alabaster (calcite) cup or chalice

Card/Transcription No.: 014-3

14 Mynydd Ednyfed


Aug. 25. 23

Dear Carter

"May he live, Horus `Strong Bull fair of birth', the Two Goddesses `Beautiful of ordinances, quelling the two lands', Horus of God `Wearing the diadems and propitiating the gods', the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, lord of the two lands, Neb-khepru-Rec, granted life." (.The ordinary titulary of Tut.)

"Live thy ka, and mayst thou spend millions of years, thou lover of Thebes, sitting with thy face to the northwind, and thy eyes beholding felicity!"

Two reading seem to need correction, <> for <> and <> for <>. I do not mean to impugn your copies, these mistakes are probably due to the engraver.

<a paragraph concerning personal matters omitted here>

Card no. 014-3 relating to Carter no. 014
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