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Photographs by Harry Burton
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Carter No.: 021

Handlist description: Painted wooden box

Card/Transcription No.: 021-03

In position as found: C I, Pl. 16, opposite p. 98.

Ditto I Pl. 17, opposite p. 102.

Good view in position, Pl. 21, opp. p. 110.

Showing top and knob, animal hunt line of hieroglyphs down middle centre, Pl. 50, see pp. 110-1.

Ditto, but lion-hunt, opposite side Pl. 51.

Battle against Nubians, Pl. 52.

Battle against Syrians, Pl. 53.

The two ends, not completely identical, see Pl. 54.

An alabaster box similarly vaulted Pl. 56.

Wooden box, similarly vaulted (whitewashed, with the knob) Pl. 58.

Note. No photo of the tympanum.


Vol. II. A close-up of lion-hunt, Pl. 3

(Examined up to p. 50 - 10/i/60.

For lid and fastening of the box see III p. 65.

Vaulted box of ivory and ebony III, Pl. 15.

Bow-case III, Pl. 28 - see too Fox, Pl. 52.

For a sealed cord such as was used see III, Pl. 53, the Canopic chest - other rougher examples III, Pl. 66, 67.

A chest with lifted lid, III Pl. 71.

FOX, Tutankhamun's Treasure

Battle scene against Syrians, Pl. 15.

Ivory box, one end, queen offering flowers Fox, Pl. 64.

King shooting Pl. 65

Card no. 021-03 relating to Carter no. 021
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