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Carter No.: 021f

Handlist description: Decorated sandal (pair to 021g)

Card/Transcription No.: 021f-19

21. Contents (cont) 19

At S. end, across box.

(f) Decorated sandal (Drawings on next sheet) Left foot.

L. 29 cm. W. at heel 8 cm., at widest part 10 cm.

Lower sole of raw hide. This has now a resinous appearance and consistency, & breaks at a touch. Superimposed on this a second sole of rush(?) with a centre band of thin gold.

Toe thong composed of a cylinder of gold 8mm. in diam., circ. 9 cm. long, of which 1 cm. at top and about 3 at bottom were closed, and the rest filagree work. This fitted at top into a gold

Buckle. This consisted of three pieces.

(1) Centre piece of sheet gold with cloisonné inlay of lapis lazuli, carnelian & green felspar. Two hooks soldered at top and bottom to fit over.

(2) & (3) Side pieces of thin sheet gold. Upper parts of these ran behind (1) and were fastened to it by its hooks. Lower parts fitted into gold sheaths, which tapered down and were attached to sole at the narrowest part of the shoe. These were decorated each with seven twelve-petalled daisies. Centre boss of each daisy consisted of tiny granules,

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