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Carter No.: 021k

Handlist description: Decorated shoe (pair to 021l)

Card/Transcription No.: 021-57

21. Contents (cont.) 57

Note on occurrence of the reddened gold

1. On duck-head sandals. <> were yellow gold <> red. These occurred alternately in decoration. Both made of thin sheet gold, & conditions otherwise exactly the same. The daisies of buckle had as constant elements, from top to bottom outside to inside, yellow gold, red gold, silver(?), red gold. Absolutely impossible that the red discoloration can have been due solely to damp and iron, acting locally, unless quite different alloys were used. ? would different alloys react differently this way.

2. Sandals (k) & (l). Here similarly <> in yellow gold, & <> in red gold alternately.

3. Robe r. On this there were daisies and sequins of various sizes, all of red. No yellow gold on the robe at all.

The underside of each of the objects right through was discoloured as well as the upper... if original the gold must have been dipped.

Card no. 021-57 relating to Carter no. 021k
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