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Photographs by Harry Burton
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Carter No.: 037

Handlist description: Black shrine-shaped box on sled

Card/Transcription No.: 037-1

37 Black shrine-shaped box on sled.

1. Position On floor under Couch 35, door facing E. Original position ?

2.Dimensions Shrine W. 31.8, Depth 65, H. 81 Sled 29, 82, 5.6 } overall For smaller measurements & details of construction see diagrams on next sheet.

3.Description Tall narrow shrine of wood covered with a black resinous material (see Lucas). Sloping roof with rounded front. Folding doors, fitting into sockets top and bottom. Wooden knobs, 2 in diam., on each door for sealing: remains of cord on one of them: note they do not come opposite each other on the doors. Each of the sides made of two widths of board. Sides fit outside back & under lid. Round wooden pegs used. Cornice in front made of a separate piece of wood: torus (cont)

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