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Photographs by Harry Burton
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Carter No.: 043

Handlist description: Ornamental box of ivory, ebony, and red wood

Card/Transcription No.: 043-3

43 (cont.)

3. Description (cont.) Inside of box, however, shewed that this could not have been the case. Similar ring holes-at other end, but no rings. 2 pegs of ivory on each side of each corner post. These probably fastened projecting tongues of the ebony slats. Red resinous material used as glue to curved supports; also on joints(?). Tied to one of the rings a wooden label, 4.5 x 2.5 top to 2.8 bottom x .4.

Inside Corner posts cut <> to carry bottom boards. Bottom consisted of three pieces of red wood pegged together. Not pegged to sides and ends. Partition in box lengthwise, dividing box into widths of 16.2 and 6.5. Lower part of this, 5.5, was red wood: upper part with rounded top, 2. of ebony. Top of partition thus came 3.5 from top of box, and prevented any use of drawer. Thickness of partition on wood .8.

Hieratic inscr. in black ink


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